Numbers 20:12 Trust God Or Lose Out

“But the LORD said to Moses and Aaron, Because you did not trust in me enough to honor me as holy in the sight of the Israelites, you will not bring this community into the land I give them.” Numbers 20:12

As the Israelites were traveling through the Desert of Zin, they had run out of water. They started complaining very loudly against Moses and wanted to go back to Egypt. Moses brings these complaints before God, who tells him to speak to the rock and water would come out of it.

Instead of speaking, Moses, in his anger, strikes the rock with his staff. God was not pleased with him. At that point God tells Moses that he will not be allowed to enter the land He is giving the Israelites. The reason why is that Moses did not honor God with following His instructions and trusting Him.

God’s ways are above the ways of man. He has power and capabilities that are far above anything that any person can possibly imagine. Since God is this powerful, there are times that He will have a person do something that does not make sense. Since when does water come out of a rock when you speak to it? It is even rare to see water come out of a rock when you strike it. Yet speaking to the rock is what God wanted.

If you are listening and following God, there will come a day when He asks you to do something that is not normal, or that does not make sense. At that point, following God may look a little like committing suicide, yet it is important to trust Him.

When you turn away from trusting God and doing what He says, you may lose out on what He has in store for you. God has a plan that is greater than anything you can imagine, if you will just trust Him.

Not trusting God may cause you to miss out on something great in this life, and may even cause you to miss out the eternal life with Him.

How much do you trust God today?

Will you be allowed into the new land?

Or will you have to miss out on that new land?

I pray today that you will hear what God wants you to do; that you will trust in God’s direction; that you will obey God’s leading; and that you will honor God with your whole life.


2 thoughts on “Numbers 20:12 Trust God Or Lose Out

  1. So true. God does sometimes ask us to do things that make no sense. But that is often when he’s getting ready to something great. Great reminder!

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