1 Samuel 15:10-11 God’s Regret

Then the word of the LORD came to Samuel: “I regret that I have made Saul king, because he has turned away from me and has not carried out my instructions.” Samuel was angry, and he cried out to the LORD all that night. 1 Samuel 15:10-11

When the Israelites were traveling in the wilderness, the Amalekites did not treat them correctly, so God had said He would destroy them. The time had come to have the Amalekites destroyed. Through Samuel, God told Saul to attack and completely destroy the Amalekites and everything that they had. Saul did attack, but kept the king alive and the best of the sheep and cattle. At that point God regretted making Saul king because he did not completely obey all of His commands.

God lays out the plans for every person. He knows what is best for that person to be able to live life to the fullest. He also knows what is best for that person to do to accomplish His will and desire in this world.

The hard part for most people is obeying God in everything He says to do. God’s commands do not always make sense in the here and now, in man’s finite vision. It did not make sense for Saul to kill all the animals, but that is what God required. He sees the big picture.

In your life, most likely, God has given you some instructions in what to do or not to do. You need to follow the instructions exactly, just as you need to follow instructions exactly to put an object together. If you do not follow the instructions you will fail and things will not work out correctly.

When you do not follow God’s instructions, He will have regrets about you. He may regret allowing you in a given position or an entitlement.

You do not want God to regret what He has done with and for you. You need to obey all of His commands exactly. If you love God, you will obey Him.

Are you obeying His commands to you exactly as given?

Or are you doing your own thing, causing God some regrets?

I pray today that you will know the commands God has given you; that you will obey God in everything; that your obedience will show your love for God; that you will not cause God to regret anything; and that God will use you to do great things in this world.

Judges 2:20-22 Consequence Of Disobedience

Therefore the LORD was very angry with Israel and said, “Because this nation has violated the covenant I ordained for their ancestors and has not listened to me, I will no longer drive out before them any of the nations Joshua left when he died. I will use them to test Israel and see whether they will keep the way of the LORD and walk in it as their ancestors did.” Joshua 2:20-22

Shortly after Joshua and the leaders who were with him had died, the Israelites started following other gods. They refused to follow God any more. Since they would not follow God, He chose to leave some nations in the land to be a torment and trouble to them. It would test them to see if they would turn back to Him or not.

God gives favor to His people and to those who support His people. Today, this is more than just the nation of Israel, it is every person who believes in and follow Jesus.

When a person follows Jesus, He has a favor that defies logic. This does not mean everything will go perfectly well, but that everything will work out for the best in the end. He will have a peace in the midst of trials and tribulations, because he knows that God is in control and is only working out the best for him.

Homes, communities, towns, cities, states, and nations can all receive the favor of God, if the majority of the people are following Jesus. When the people stop following Jesus, chaos comes with no peace. God’s peace passes all understanding. It is a peace despite what is going on.

How are you contributing to your family, city, and nation today?

Are you serving and following Jesus with all of your heart, soul and mind?

Or are you choosing to follow the ways of this world and rejecting Jesus?

What you do can and will have an effect on other people. It can bring the favor of God, or the rejection of God’s favor on you and on others. Follow God and allow Him to drive out the enemies in your life and in lives of others around you.

I pray today that you will follow the ways of Jesus with all of your heart; that you will not reject God in any area of your life; that you will know the favor God gives you; and that you will be a witness to others around you.

Joshua 24:21 Who Will You Serve?

But the people said to Joshua, “No! We will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:21

As Joshua was giving his last words to the Israelites, he told them that they need to serve the Lord. He also told them that if serving God was not desirable to them, they could serve other gods, but they had to choose one or the other. The people said they would serve God. Joshua finishes out with saying that if they end up not serving God, then He will bring disaster on them. He also told them that he and his family would serve God.

People like to be able to make their own decisions. They want to be able to choose what they want to do or not do. Very few people like to be told not to do something. This is where freedom comes in.

One of the greatest choices that a person will ever make is whether they will serve God or not. This choice is one that will affect not only today, but bring about effects for all of eternity.

Some people make the choice to serve God on a Sunday, but then forget about that choice and choose not to serve God throughout the week. It is a choice that is not made just one time and then forgotten. It is a choice that has to be made daily, and most often dozens to hundreds of times throughout each day.

If you are reading this, most likely you have chosen at some point to serve God. You have given your life to Jesus. However, it does not end there. Each day you will have to choose whether you will sin or not sin, whether you will tell someone about Jesus or keep quiet, whether your thoughts will honor God or not, and the list goes on.

Have you chosen to serve and obey God?

Or are you choosing to serve self and the things of this world?

If you are choosing to serve God, are you serving God with all of your life?

I pray today that you will choose to serve God; that you will dedicate your life to doing what God wants you to do; that you will not turn back to the things of this world; and that you will honor God in all that you think, say and do.

Joshua 23:11 Be Careful To Love God

So be very careful to love the LORD your God. Joshua 23:11

Joshua had led the Israelites for many years and into the land of Canaan. He was one of only two people who were in Egypt when they were released and survived the time in the desert. Now God was about to take him home and so he gave some last instructions to the Israelites. The best instruction that he gave was to be careful to love God.

Being careful to do something is to pay very close attention to what one is doing. It is to not take what is being done lightly or haphazardly.

It has been said that there is no such thing as an accident. The person that said this was looking at the idea that when there is an “accident” it usually meant that someone did something wrong. They did not pay close enough attention to the small details of the situation, which caused the “accident”, thus it was because of neglect that something bad happened.

In your life, you are the only one who can control your relationship with God. Only you can control how much love or do not love God.

Paul said several thousand years later that in order to love God you must obey God. Obeying God is doing what He wants you to do. This takes careful consideration.

Every moment of every day you have choices to make. Those choices are whether to follow God or to follow self and this world. Those choices are to love God or to love self and this world.

If you do not make it your goal to love God, when things get tough you will not love Him first. You have to be very careful and focused to love God with all of your heart, mind and soul.

Take time today to focus on loving God. Seek God and find out where you may not be really loving Him as you should. Learn to love God more and more each day.

As you are very careful to love God, you will learn more of His love for you, which is perfect and never goes wrong.

Are you loving God today?

I pray today that you will know how to love God; that you will seek God daily; that you will obey God in all He says; and that you will know the love God has for you.

Joshua 21:45 No Failed Promises

Not one of all the LORD’s good promises to Israel failed; every one was fulfilled. Joshua 21:45

The Israelites, under the command of Joshua, went into the land of Canaan and started to take the land. Little by little they conquered all of the cities and pushed out most of the people in them. Once all the land was conquered they had peace throughout the land. God had promised them the land and He fulfilled His promise. Not one of His promises fell short.

In your life, most likely you are not having to conquer a physical land in this world. However, every person has areas in his or her own life that need to be conquered. There are battles over the mind and desires of the flesh that wage war against what God wants.

Each person has to grow in the Lord Jesus and become more like Him. The process of doing this is a very great battle. The devil does not want anyone to gain any ground, he wants everyone to lose it all.

As you go into battle for these areas in your life, you are not alone. Jesus had promise to be with you forever. Along with that promise God has given you many other promises that you can count upon.

You are promised comfort with the Holy Spirit.

You are promised all authority and power.

You are promised peace.

You are promised wisdom.

You are promised forgiveness.

You are promised salvation.

You are promised to win the battle.

You are promised that the devil will flee you when resisted.

You are promised to be more than a conqueror.

You are promised healing.

You are promised life for eternity.

You are promised a home in heaven.

You are promised God’s love.

You are promised God’s presence.

You are promised that Jesus will return.

And the list of promises that God has made goes on.

Just as with the Israelites, that every promise was fulfilled, you can rest assured that every promise God has given you will be fulfilled. You can trust God to do what He says He will do. Do not fear, but trust God today.

I pray today that you will know the promises God has for you; that you will know you can trust God’s promises; that you will not be afraid of God failing you; and that you will see God’s promises being fulfilled in your life each day.