Exodus 17:2 Testing The Lord By Grumbling

“So they quarreled with Moses and said, Give us water to drink. Moses replied, Why do you quarrel with me? Why do you put the Lord to the test?” Exodus 17:2

While the Israelites were in the desert they began to get thirsty and could find no water. Instead of asking for water or seeking God to provide water, they grumbled and demanded for Moses to give them water. Moses asked the questions of why they were quarreling with him, and putting God to the test.

God had been very faithful in providing everything for them up to this point. From the point of freeing them from Egypt, to escaping the army, to providing food by a miracle, God had been meeting all of their needs in time. There would be no reason He would not do so again with the needed water.

People have not changed since that time. When things start going bad, the first thing people do is complain about it to God. Others will also complain to the church leadership about the problems. They expect things to be fixed immediately in the way they see as best, rather than wait for God to answer the problem. Grumbling about things almost seems like a way of life for many people, Christians included.

Doing things like this is fighting with leadership and testing God. It is not trusting that God is in control and will meet all of your needs.

Just as with the Israelites in the desert, God was meeting all of their needs in miraculous ways at the perfect time, God will also meet all of your needs in miraculous ways at the right time.

When there is a need in your life, look to God and give Him praise for what He has already brought you through. Thank Him for how He will choose to meet your need. Then trust Him to meet that need.

Do not worry or grumble about the challenge in your life. God has it there for a purpose and He will help you through it.

Are your grumbling or quarreling today?

Or are you praising and trusting God today?

I pray today that you will trust God to meet your needs; that you will not get angry with leadership for problems in your life; that you will not fight against people, but trust in God; and that you will seek God to meet all of your needs first.

3 thoughts on “Exodus 17:2 Testing The Lord By Grumbling

  1. Thank you, brother. I am stuck on only being able to relate to the Israelites, rather than being able to see it from the Lord’s perspective. I liken it to when I could only see the workers’ side of things in the parable of the vineyard. I know He will reveal it to me so that I can confess it, know Him better and be the better for it. I noticed that you follow several blogs. I have one also; perhaps you would like to take a look. If so, it is http://www.ChristViewVersusWorldView.WordPress.com. God bless you!

    Ken Reynolds
    Birmingham, AL

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is easy to look at just one side of the picture when reading various stories in the Bible. I try to take time to study it a little closer and see what God is doing also in each story. In everything there are many things to be learned.
      I will check out your blog. Have a blessed day!


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