James 5:9 Don’t Grumble


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Don’t grumble against one another, brothers and sisters, or you will be judged. The Judge is standing at the door! James 5:9

People have talked about grumpy old men, but it is something that many people are like. Grumbling appears to be a favorite pastime of many people. They often see the negative in situations or other people and are willing to let others know about it. As they point out faults in others and in situations, they do it in a harsh way, being rough about it.

At times it can be grumpy about what appears as a neutral subject, such as how a football game was played. Later it is grumping about how the service was at the store or bank. They complain about how a friend, co-worker, or someone else acted around them. And then they grump about how work had went. People are grumpy about various politicians and political choices being made in their nation or world. And above it all, people are grumpy with God and what He does or allows or does not do.

Grumping about someone or something is being a judge. It is making oneself as the one in control and knows what is best. James says that a believer must not do that or else he will be judged also.

When a person is trusting in God for everything and believes that God is in absolute control of everything, he will have no reason to be grumpy about something. God sets up every situation in the life of a believer for a reason. No one is to complain about what is happening, because God has there for a reason to build the believer or another believer up into a person like Jesus.

To grumble is to put oneself in the place of God, and then, God will judge the person.

As a believer, put your entire trust in God for every situation you are in or see. When things are not going your way, know that it is going God’s way. Lean on Him for strength through the situation. Seek to know how it can draw you closer to Him and make you more like Jesus, rather than becoming more like the world and grumbling.

Live a life of peace and love towards God and others, rather than demanding your own way and grumbling about everything. Show joy, rather than anger. Find a reason not to grumble today.

I pray today that you will know that God is in control; that you will trust God is in control; that you will not grumble against others or God; that you will find joy in God; and that you will be a witness of God’s love and joy to others. 


Philippians 2:14-15 Shine Like A Star


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Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky Philippians 2:14-15

One thing that a person can count on hearing in a workplace is complaining and arguing. There are very few people who do not complain about their work or argue with someone about politics or sports.

People are often not happy with whatever situation that they are in, so they then complain about it. Some are worse than others, but most people have something to complain about. Complaining about the weather, the spouse, the children, the bills, the news, the breakdowns, the government, illness, injuries, the neighbors and the list is endless.

Along with complaining they want to argue about everything. They argue about how to get something done, or why something should not be done. This can also run in every area of life.

Those in the church are not a whole lot different. They complain about the songs sung, the level of sound, the length of the sermon, and how things are done. They argue about the best way to do something, doctrines, and traditions.

Most do not try to be mean or a downer about their complaining or arguing, but they are still doing it.

Paul says that one is to do everything without complaining or arguing. If this is done, one will be blameless and pure and will shine like a star in the sky.

If a person is not complaining or arguing, he is trusting God in every situation, he is putting others first, and he is showing love to everyone. Doing all of these things is not normal in this world. As he does this, he will stand out as different and shine brightly. He will show the purity and holiness of God in this dark, depraved world.

Think about the words you speak each day. How often do you complain to someone about something? How often do you argue with someone about something?

Turn your eyes on to God and trust that He is in control with your best in mind. That will help you keep from complaining.

Know and understand God’s love for all people, this will help you keep from arguing with them. Know and speak the truth in true love.

Shine like a star.

I pray today that you will trust that God is in control; that God will give you the words to speak; that you words will be words of love and encouragement; and that God will guide you to be pure and blameless in this world.

Matthew 20:14 Don’t Grumble, Accept What You Are Given

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Take your pay and go. I want to give the one who was hired last the same as I gave you. Matthew 20:14

Jesus told a parable about some workers in a vineyard. Some came and began working for a set pay at the beginning of the day. Later more came and agreed to work for a set pay. Even later some more came to work for an agreed amount.

At the end of the day, everyone was paid the exact same amount. The ones who worked all day complained that the boss was unfair with the pay. The boss reminded them that they had agreed to the pay, so they must take it and go.

In every society for all time, people want their pay to be fair. The more that they work, the more pay that they should get is what is believed in. It is rare for a person to agree to a set pay, regardless of how much he has to work or not have to work. This is especially true when someone else appears to be getting the same for less work.

Being a believer in Jesus will cause this type of pay. Every worker is to believe in Jesus for His salvation and work serving God in any way he can. The prize for the belief is knowing one is getting into heaven and spending eternity with God. The prize for the work is knowing that one did what God wanted Him to do and made a difference in this world for the kingdom of God.

There is no better prize than spending eternity with God. So the amount of work needed to be done, should not be a matter of concern.

God may have you on this earth for many years working at building His kingdom. He may have another on this earth for only a few years working at building His kingdom. Both you and the other person still get the same reward–eternity with God in heaven.

As you work, do not complain about the amount of work  you must do. It is what you agreed to do for following Jesus. You agreed to do what He tells you to do and be rewarded with eternal life. Each person will have a different job, but all will gain eternal life with God.

Do what God tells you to do and be ready for eternal life with Him.

I pray today that you will know what God has called you to do; that you will not complain about what God has given you to do; that you will not complain what God has called others to do; and that you will work to build His kingdom daily.

Numbers 14:29 The Heavy Price Of Complaining

“In this wilderness your bodies will fall–every one of you twenty years old or more who was counted in the census and who has grumbled against me.” Numbers 14:29

Moses had sent twelve spies into the land of Canaan to spy it out. They came back with a great report of bountiful crops, flowing waters, and plenty of land, but they also feared the people of the land. All, except two, said they could not take the land. They got the people to believe that it would be unwise to take the land.

At that point the people complained that God brought them up out of Egypt only to let them be killed in Canaan. Since they grumbled to God about what He was doing, God decided to destroy them. After Moses intervened, God chose to let them wander in the wilderness till the people over the age of twenty had died. None of the adults present would get to step into the land of Canaan.

People love to grumble and complain. There are some people who love it so much, that no matter how good something is, they will find something to complain about it. These people are pessimist. They love to see the negative side of everything, and will let everyone know it.

When there is a challenge in front of you on the path God has called you to, you must be willing to face it. As you face that challenge, you must remember that it was God who put you in that position. Since it was God who put you there, He is the one who will get you through that situation.

Complaining and grumbling will discourage yourself and others. It also shows a lack of trust in God. God is in absolute control of every event that occurs in your life. There is nothing great or small that happens that God is not aware of or does not allow to happen.

You must be willing to trust that God is in control. Don’t complain. It won’t do any good. God may listen to your complaining and put you on another path that will cause you to miss what you had coming.

Do not miss the Canaan land God is trying to bring you into because you chose to complain against God. Trust God and go forward in His strength.

I pray today that you will trust God’s leading; that you will not complain about the path you are on; and that you will allow God to lead you into your Canaan land as a victorious believer in Jesus.

Exodus 17:2 Testing The Lord By Grumbling

“So they quarreled with Moses and said, Give us water to drink. Moses replied, Why do you quarrel with me? Why do you put the Lord to the test?” Exodus 17:2

While the Israelites were in the desert they began to get thirsty and could find no water. Instead of asking for water or seeking God to provide water, they grumbled and demanded for Moses to give them water. Moses asked the questions of why they were quarreling with him, and putting God to the test.

God had been very faithful in providing everything for them up to this point. From the point of freeing them from Egypt, to escaping the army, to providing food by a miracle, God had been meeting all of their needs in time. There would be no reason He would not do so again with the needed water.

People have not changed since that time. When things start going bad, the first thing people do is complain about it to God. Others will also complain to the church leadership about the problems. They expect things to be fixed immediately in the way they see as best, rather than wait for God to answer the problem. Grumbling about things almost seems like a way of life for many people, Christians included.

Doing things like this is fighting with leadership and testing God. It is not trusting that God is in control and will meet all of your needs.

Just as with the Israelites in the desert, God was meeting all of their needs in miraculous ways at the perfect time, God will also meet all of your needs in miraculous ways at the right time.

When there is a need in your life, look to God and give Him praise for what He has already brought you through. Thank Him for how He will choose to meet your need. Then trust Him to meet that need.

Do not worry or grumble about the challenge in your life. God has it there for a purpose and He will help you through it.

Are your grumbling or quarreling today?

Or are you praising and trusting God today?

I pray today that you will trust God to meet your needs; that you will not get angry with leadership for problems in your life; that you will not fight against people, but trust in God; and that you will seek God to meet all of your needs first.