The Prisoner In The Third Cell

Title: The Prisoner In The Third Cell
Author: Gene Edwards
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Date: 1992
Pages: 128

This is a short story on the life of John the Baptist. The author takes some liberty to fill in some of the gaps that the Bible does not provide. Nothing that he adds to the story can be shown to be against anything in the Bible.

John the Baptist is seen, from childhood through his life, that he keeps his focus on doing only what God wants him to do, regardless of how hard it may be to do it or the consequences of doing it. When John was put in prison, he sent his disciples to Jesus to find out if He was the One expected. Jesus’ final words to those disciples were that the person is blessed who is not offended with him.

This book shows John wondering why things were not going well for him, but constantly remembers the final statement of Jesus. He does not realize how great of a work he was doing at the time.

In one of the final chapters the author challenges the reader to keep in mind that God is a sovereign God who cannot be fully understood. His ways are above man’s ways. When this is kept in mind, all the problems of life are acceptable because they have gone through the hands of God.

This book will challenge you in how you view God and how you view God’s control in problems in your life.

I highly recommend you to read it. It is a short easy read. It only took me about two hours to read it from cover to cover. It was well worth reading.


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