2 Peter 1:12 A Good Reminder

“So I will always remind you of these things, even though you know them and are firmly established in the truth you now have.” 2 Peter 1:12

Peter had just finished telling the people to live godly, productive life. They were to continue to make sure their salvation was sure. Living like this meant they had to stay away from sin and grow in love towards God and others. If they kept their focus on these things they would enter heaven some day. Now he tells them he reminded them of these things, even though they already knew it.

People need to be reminded of things on a regular basis. It is easy to forget things in the busyness of life. Life gets a person busy doing many different things. There are so many things to remember: pay the bills, get to work on time, plan the supper meal, clean the house, put gas in the car, get groceries, empty the trash, go to a child’s event, and the list goes on and on.

How many times do you forget little things throughout the day? At the end of the day as you go to bed, suddenly you remember you forgot to do something earlier that day.

There are many things used to remind people of what needs to be done. Planning calendars, notebooks, little sticky notes, ring reminders on the phone, and other ways of reminding. This needs to be done because people forget very quickly.

Think about how many billions of dollars are spent every year on advertisement on television trying to remind people of products. This needs to be done to keep the sales up.

As a believer you may know all the basics of following Jesus. You may know more advanced thoughts on Jesus and God’s Word. You know that you should stay away from sin and live in love. Yet, how many times do you forget these little things and step out of God’s will and into sin?

Create daily reminders, or even hourly, to keep your focus on Jesus and His Word. Constantly remind yourself to live for God in His way. Do not let yourself forget what Jesus has done for you and in you. Someday we will be able to meet in heaven if we continue to live for God today.

I pray today that God will remind you of all He has done for you; that you will remember all the Words God has given you; that God will help you keep your focus on Him; and that you will not forget why you are following Jesus.

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