James 2:5 Those Chosen By God

“Listen, by dear brothers and sisters: Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised to those who love him?” James 1:5

James started to talk about showing favoritism. He gave one of the most common examples of favoritism being shown and that is of showing favor to someone who looks wealthy. Now he is pointing out that God has chosen those who are poor to get His kingdom.

The world likes to say that you must have certain things or you are poor. Some of those things are the newest car, the latest fashion clothing, a job with a very large income, and a large house. The world does not care if you fully own it, or if you are still paying for it on credit as long as it is yours.

When you have all of those things, the world looks at you as someone important and worth being around. Usually it is with the hope that some of that wealth will rub off on the person or that they can get some favors from the wealthy person.

While physical wealth is not bad, it does nothing to help you in the kingdom of God. God is looking at the heart of a person. Your heart must be poor before God. You must know that without God you have nothing of any real value, physically or in your character.

You can have all the wealth of the world and yet have a very bad spirit. It may be selfish and unloving. Or you can have the wealth of the world and have a poor spirit, knowing that without God you have nothing.

When looking at people, do not look at what they physically have, but at what their spirit is like. What is their character like? Those who have a heart seeking God are those who have real value. The rest need to know Jesus.

What is your heart like? Is it rich as the world sees it? Or is it poor and seeking God and God alone?

I pray today that your desire will be to seek God; that you will not seek people for what they have or do; that you will not trust in wealth, but in God; that you will choose people who God will choose; and that you will be rich in faith and love.


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