James 1:22 Don’t Just Listen

“Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” James 1:22

After talking about temptations and trials, pride and anger, James tells the people not to just listen to what God’s Word is saying, but to also do what it says to do. God wants His Word to be read and spoken about by everyone, but even more than reading it, God wants people to do what He said.

Most believers can quote some scriptures about what it says on various topics. They may know that there is a verse about forgiving others, another verse about not sinning, another about controlling their anger, and another about obedience. This list could go on for a long ways for some people.

Knowing the verses and what the Bible says is great, but it is not supposed to stop there. Knowing the Bible does not mean a thing if it is not followed. If a person does not do what the Bible says, then it is no different from a novel bought in a store.

Reading something will give a person good knowledge, but if it is never used, then it was a waste of time and energy. There are believers that have read the Bible at least once every year for many years, yet are still purposely living in a sinful lifestyle. They choose not to do what the Bible says.

James says this type of person is being deceived. He may think he is a good believer in Jesus, but is not even close, since he is not doing what God says to do. God desires obedience over sacrifice.

Sacrificing all of your time to read and study God’s Word is great, but now do what it says. Obey God’s Word.

God’s Word, when really looked at, is very simple. God’s ways of living life on this earth is simple. It all comes down to three simple things: love God, obey God, and love others. When you do these three things you are living like Jesus did.

In this new year as you read or hear God’s Word, don’t just listen, but do it.
Just do it.

I pray today that you will learn to obey all of God’s rules for your life; that God will reveal what His Word says to you; that you apply what God’s Word says to your own life; and that God will strengthen you to do His will.


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