Ephesians 5:25 For The Husbands

“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her” Ephesians 5:25

Many people, especially the men, love to remind people of Ephesians 5:22, that wives are to submit to their husbands. Many women do not like that verse. People like to forget about today’s verse just a few verses further. It is a command to the husband.

Yes, husbands are supposed to be the head of the household. They are over their wife. Alongside that, however, they are supposed to do that with the same love that Jesus had for the church.

What kind of love did Jesus have? It was a self-sacrificing love. When people hated Him and wanted to kill Him, He showed His love by dying for them. Even as the people killed Jesus on the cross, He was asking God the Father to forgive them. Jesus was willing to do whatever it took to save people from their sins.

Husbands, you are supposed to have this same type of love for your wife. Are you willing to sacrifice your time, money, work, pleasures, relaxation and anything else for your wife?

There are many husbands who come home from a hard day at work demanding a meal on the table when they walk in the door. Immediately after the meal they are sitting down watching the latest sports game on television, or they are taking off to go do some fishing, or be with other men. They are not willing to do something for their wife or what she desires.

As the husband you are supposed to be looking out for the best interest of your wife. You are supposed to be building her up in Jesus. If you are taking the time to please yourself, will you build her up? If you are demanding that she does everything as you sit and relax, will that build her up?

Spend some time on your wife today. Take notice of what she needs. Give her a break from cleaning, taking care of the children, cooking, or what ever other things she does. Pamper her with love, the same love Jesus had for you. Be the real man Jesus was, not a demanding, greedy, tyrant the men of the world are.

I pray today that you will know how to show love to your wife as Jesus did; that you will be sacrifice yourself for your wife; that you will know the love Jesus has shown you; and that your marriage will be strong with Jesus at the center of it.


4 thoughts on “Ephesians 5:25 For The Husbands

      • I’m surprised and not surprised at the same time😞 marriage can be so trying, but usually goes through seasons and can be a huge blessing over all. I think a lot of folks give up before things are resolved. We are doing a devotion called “Sacred Marriage” (just started, actually) because its focus isn’t on how happy we need to make each other- instead it’s how obedient we are to God. Puts relationships in their proper place within God’s Will.:)

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