Romans 6:8 Living With Christ

“Now if we died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with him.” Romans 6:8

It is easy for many to believe that Jesus died and rose again to life. Many believers will also believe that Jesus has forgiven them and given them life. However, many believers believe in the living life with Jesus is something that will occur when they get to heaven.

Yes, when you get to heaven you will be living life with Jesus, but Paul is not talking about the future in this passage. He is talking about here and now on this earth.

Jesus stated that He had come to give you life and that abundantly. This is to say that He brought life for you to live in abundance right now, not just in some futuristic unknown date.

The question many people have now is what does that mean to live life with Jesus? The main thing is doing what Jesus wants to do with Him.

If you are working with someone you are next to him. You are also in line with his ways of thinking and doing things. When you try to do your own thing, the working relationship breaks down and you are no longer working together.

As a believer you should be seeking to bring the lost to Jesus. Your heartbeat should be to see the world saved, not just yourself. Take as many as you can to heaven with you. This is what the heartbeat of Jesus is.

The other main thing in living with Jesus is turning away from sin. You are told to flee all sin. You are now supposed to be dead to sin.

Doing this is difficult if you do not live with Jesus. If you spend your time focused on what Jesus wants, you will not have time to spend it in sin. This will allow you to flee sin and live life with Jesus.

What are you choosing today? Are you living life with Jesus? Or are you dying in sin? You can be physically alive, but still dead. Allow Jesus to change your life and give you real life in Him.

I pray today that you will know the life Jesus is offering you; that you will be dead to sin; that you will seek to do what Jesus is doing each day; and that you will know the life Jesus has for you.


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