Acts 5:3 Lying To God

“Then Peter said, Ananias, how is it that Satan has so filled your heart that you have lied to the Holy Spirit and have kept for yourself some of the money you received for the land? Acts 5:3

One man, Joseph, had sold his property and gave all the money to the church. This started other people in doing the same thing. Ananias and his wife sold their house. However, instead of turning in all of the money, they kept some of the money. It was turned in as though it was all the money that the house was sold for. Peter is prompted by the Holy Spirit to confront them on this for lying to the Holy Spirit. God chooses to kill both of them.

People often feel that they can fool God because they can fool other people. It is very easy to fool people. People cannot see into the heart and mind of a person.

When it comes to paying tithes, some will pay only a portion of the ten percent, but will put it on the offering envelope stating it is their tithe. This implies that it is the full ten percent required. This is also lying to God.

Others will pray to God stating that they are sorrow for something they did wrong, while they are planning to do it again. Some will state that they love everyone while in church, but condemn someone with harsh, unneeded words when outside the church.

Lying to God can be easy, since a person does not see God, and God does not immediately talk to them audibly about it. Yet, God sees and knows all the lies that are said. He does not necessarily kill people today for lying, but God will deal with them.

When you speak, you should always speak the truth. When you do things, you should always do them in truth. God sees everything. You cannot fool Him. Every closed secret will come out into the open some day. Allow God to change you now rather later in punishment.

I pray today that you will allow the Holy Spirit to guide your words; that you will not fear to speak the truth; that you will not try to fool people or God; and that you will allow God to fill your heart with His Holy Spirit.


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