The Fields Of Clon Miarth (book review)

Title: The Fields Of Clon Miarth
Author: Samuel Shciller
Publisher: Publishing
Date: 2007
Pages: 241

The Fields Of Clon Miarth (book review)

This is the third book in the series Samuel Schiller wrote around the life of Evan MacKeth. In the previous book Evan had been a part of a major battle against the priests of Moloch and was seriously injured, but did survive.

In the opening of this book Evan is laying in a bed injured both in spirit and in body. He feels as though God does not care about him any longer and wishes that his life would end. He has no idea where Aine Ceallaigh (whom he has grown to love) is. Julian (the Holy Spirit in the form of a bird) urges him to get up and move forward.

Evan begins his journey to find Aine, but is led by God to go a different direction, though he does not know or understand why, but knows he must follow God’s leading. Julian goes a different direction, leaving Evan on his own.

Aine had been captured by another man who loves her, but does not believe in, nor serve God. Although he is rough at times and is on the enemy’s side, he protects her.

Throughout the entire book there is a lot of battles against the goblin army described in great detail. It goes between battles that Evan is in, Aine is in and other important characters. The goblin army is much greater than the human army. Many die or are wounded on both sides.

Throughout this story one can see that there is to be a reliance upon God’s leading through His Holy Spirit. Often the characters are placed in nearly impossible situations and miracles occur.

Without giving away too much of the story, there is enough fighting going on in this story that if it were made into a movie, it would most likely be a rated R movie. I will not give away how the battle ends in the end as to which side won or lost.

If you love to read high level action and battle stories, this book will be an excellent read. I also recommend it for any believer to be encouraged to do battle against the spiritual forces at work in our lives and the world. God is the God of the impossible and it shows up very well in this story. This story is also continued in more books to follow.

Leviticus 8:30 Getting Set Apart

Then Moses took some of the anointing oil and some of the blood from the altar and sprinkled them on Aaron and his garments and on his sons and their garments. So he consecrated Aaron and his garments and his sons and their garments. Leviticus 8:30

The majority of the world does not like to be separated or set apart. Most people like to blend in and be a part of the crowd.

Some like to be set apart as rebels to fight against the system or to draw attention to themselves. A few like to be separate in order to do great things.

Moses sprinkled Aaron and his sons and their clothing with blood from the altar and anointing oil to set them apart unto God.

While the majority of the world loves to be a part of the crowd, believers are to be set apart, consecrated unto God. They are to be different than the world. As the world seeks to live for the moment in sin and self-pleasure, believers are focused upon God and eternity.

This separation unto God begins when the believe in Jesus, repent of their sins and are washed with the blood of Jesus being forgiven. Sin no longer maintains control over their life as the world does.

Once they are consecrated by the blood of Jesus, then they can be anointed by the oil of God, His Holy Spirit. Doing this gives them the power to do God’s work and to remain separate from the world. It breaks the bonds of sin and this world upon their lives.

Believers are to look and act like Jesus, different from the world. They are a unique and peculiar people that are sold out and dedicated to God for His glory and for His use.

Just as Aaron and his sons were consecrated and dedicated to God, so were you the moment you chose to believe in Jesus. The blood of Jesus was poured out on you to get rid of your sins. God’s Holy Spirit was placed in you to set you apart from the world and sin.

Do not allow yourself to continue to look and act like the world. Be separate from the world and sin. Act and look more like Jesus every day, dedicated and sold out to God with your whole life.

Are you consecrated, separated unto God, apart from this world?

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will have your sins washed in the blood of Jesus; that you will be anointed by the Holy Spirit; that you will be set apart to do the work God has for you; and that you will look more like Jesus than the world.

Leviticus 6:13 Keep The Fire Burning

The fire must be kept burning on the altar continuously; it must not go out. Leviticus 6:13

While physical forest fires and fires burning buildings are given every attempt to stop, there are some fires that must be kept burning. Some of these required fires are for providing heat or to run some required equipment.

Along with various physical fires, there are fires in the soul, mind and heart. People get fired up about various issues, both for the positive and for the negative. Some of these need to be kept going to accomplish something good for all people.

God said the fire for the burnt offerings must be kept burning and never go out.

The burnt offering in the Old Testament was an offering symbolizing the dedication to God. Whatever was offered was completely burnt up, giving it to God with no takebacks. It was to symbolize the person dedicating his life to God.

After Jesus rose from the dead, physical sacrifices on physical altars were no longer required, but there was the sacrifice of self. One needs to dedicate his life completely to God, being on fire for God and His mission.

Many people, when they first become believers, are excited and on fire for God. They are going around telling everyone about Jesus, praying and reading the Bible. Later they let that fire die down and they stop witnessing, praying and reading the Bible. There is no longer any excitement to be a follower of Jesus.

God had sent His Holy Spirit to be in the believer to keep him on fire for God. The Holy Spirit gives strength, power, comfort and helps to keep sin out of the life to the believer, all things that a physical fire can do in the natural realm.

Believers must keep that fire burning constantly and never let it go out.

God wants a spiritual fire in your life, one that will not go out and keep you as a light in this dark world. Think back to the day you first chose to believe in Jesus. Think about how excited you were. That was God’s fire in you.

Feed that fire daily with the word of God–the Bible, communication with God–prayer and doing the work of God. The more you do these things, the hotter the fire will be and the more the world will see Jesus in and through you.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will be on fire for God’s purpose on this earth; that you will be filled with the Holy Spirit strengthening you and keeping you on fire; and that you will feed the fire of God on a daily basis to keep it burning.