Acts 2:15 Not Drunk

“These people are not drunk, as you suppose. It’s only nine in the morning!” Acts 2:15

As the disciples were waiting for Jesus to send His Holy Spirit they had been praying together. They did not know what was next to be done or how to do it. Suddenly the Holy Spirit came upon them and changed them dramatically. They started telling everyone about Jesus. They must have been filled with extreme excitement because the people thought they were drunk.

Peter gets up and tells the people that they were not drunk, but filled with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit had been promised by the prophets hundreds of years before and the people knew about it.

Many people have different views about the Holy Spirit. Regardless of the views on the various reactions to being filled with the Holy Spirit, one thing remains constant in the Bible. That one thing is that those who received the Holy Spirit also received boldness to be His witness.

Jesus stated that the Holy Spirit was to be for them to have power to be a witness. When this power comes upon a person, things will change. They will be different. The world may not understand it.

Often believers in a church will state that they are filled with God’s Spirit, yet their life is the same. They have no power to overcome sins in their life, and no power to be a witness. Their testimony is dead sounding.

When you are close to God you will catch the vision God has. His vision is to save the world. His vision is to see you live like Jesus did.

Being filled with His Holy Spirit will keep you close to Jesus. The Holy Spirit is God’s Spirit living inside of you. When you are that close to Jesus you will have His vision and heart for the world.

When you have that vision, you will change. In that change the world will think you are crazy. Many think that Jesus was crazy, yet look at what He has done. See what God can do with you today if you allow His Holy Spirit into your life and to guide you with His power.

I pray today that you will be filled with God’s Holy Spirit; that you will allow yourself to be guided by His Holy Spirit; that you will be a powerful witness for Jesus; and that your life will be changed dramatically for Jesus.


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