Acts 1:14 Constant Prayer

“They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers.” Acts 1:14

Jesus had finally left the earth. As He left He told the disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit to come and give them the power to be His witnesses in the whole world. They did this very thing. They were in constant prayer.

Imagine how the disciples must have felt when Jesus left them. They finally realize who Jesus is and were expecting Him to reign as king on the earth, and get rid of the Romans. None of that had happened. Jesus just suddenly one day rises into the clouds and leaves them.

At first they stood there gazing into the sky watching and waiting. After a visit of an angel, they quit staring and headed home. What were they to do now that their leader was gone? They remembered that Jesus said to wait for His Holy Spirit to come. They did the one thing that they knew would help…pray. They would seek God’s help and guidance.

In life you will have times when God seems to have deserted you. You may feel all alone and that God has left you on your own. During these times you must remember the promises that Jesus made to you and pray as you wait.

Some of those promises that Jesus made were: He would never leave you or forsake you; He would give you His Holy Spirit; and He is coming again.

Prayer will open doors for God to move and do what needs to be done. It will also keep your focus on God instead of your problems and this world.

When looking at the problems you are having, it is very easy to get overwhelmed and scared. The disciples had just lost their leader in a world that hated them. They had a reason to be scared when looking at it from that perspective. Yet, Jesus had a plan for them that would change the world.

Are you seeking out God’s plan for you? Are you waiting for His answer? Are you praying for God to answer?

Stay in prayer and stay close to Jesus. He will bring you through the situation in your life in His time and way.

I pray today that you will seek the filling of God’s Holy Spirit in your life; that you will be guided by His Holy Spirit; that you will wait for God’s answer; and that God will give you His power to be His witness.


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