John 20: 18 Seeing Jesus

“Mary Magdalene went to the disciples with the news: I have seen the Lord! And she told them that he had said these things to her.” John 20:18

Some women had went to the tomb of Jesus and found that His body was not there. They told the disciples and several of them also looked and had seen that it was so. As Mary is standing at the tomb weeping, Jesus comes up to her. He gives a message to her to tell the disciples, that He is risen and going to the Father. She tells that message.

Mary loved Him and had seen Him die. This love for Him did not die out when He died, though she did not expect to see Him again on this earth. To her, it was all over.

Imagine her excitement when she saw Jesus alive. It had to have been very overwhelming for her. She does what she was told and goes and tells the disciples.

In life, when something exciting and good happens you want to tell others about it. When you get a new car you want to show it off; when you get that new promotion at work; your favorite team wins a game; when you get a new house; or when you have a new baby born. There are many different things that you get excited about to tell others about.

One of those things should be of your seeing Jesus. Today people do not see Jesus in the physical, but they do see Jesus in their hearts. You will also see Jesus at work in your life. He may do a new miracle, or provide in a special way, or work through you or even in your life. Any of these and many more ways is ways you ‘see’ Jesus in your life.

Are you going to keep that information to yourself? Or will you be willing to tell others that you have seen Jesus?

Be willing to stand up and tell others that you have seen Jesus. Tell others what you have seen Jesus do in your life. Do not be afraid to speak up. Be excited about seeing Jesus today.

I pray today that you will see Jesus in new ways; that you will tell others how you have seen Jesus; that you will have no fear in telling others about Jesus; and that Jesus will use you to spread the word of His love for others.


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