John 18:11 Accept What is Given

“Jesus commanded Peter, Put your sword away! Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?” John 18:11

Jesus and the disciples were in a garden and had just been doing some praying. Judas and some soldiers came up to arrest Jesus. Peter grabs his sword and fights back cutting the ear of one person. Jesus quickly rebukes Peter and states that He must drink this cup because it is given by the Father.

Peter was doing what was normal. He was defending his leader. Jesus, in his eyes, was to be the king and He had done nothing wrong. It was within his legal rights to fight back.

Yet, Jesus stops Peter from doing this. In another gospel, it is recorded that Jesus told the disciples to pray to not fall into temptation. Here might have been one of those temptations. Peter was tempted to fight back and not do God’s will.

Jesus had to be arrested and killed. It was all a part of the Father’s plan to save the world.

In life today, there are times things may come up that you want to fight back on. You may have a legal right to fight back. Now, today, fighting back rarely allows for physical violence as Peter did. It usually will allow for taking a person to court or some other method of getting back at them for the wrong done.

Before you fight back, pray about it. Find out if what is happening is a part of God’s plan for your life. There may be a reason you have to go through the problem of being wronged. God may want you to drink that cup of pain and suffering.

The reason for it may be to build you more like Jesus. Or it may be, like with Jesus, to help someone else out become more like Jesus.

Are you willing to accept everything that God gives you? It is easy to accept the good, but what about the painful, hard stuff? Find out what God’s desire is, and follow it. Trust that He knows what is best for you.

I pray today that you will know the will of God in your life; that you will trust the leading of God; that you will accept everything God gives you; that you will not fall into temptation to fight back when it is not God’s desire; and that God will make you more like Jesus everyday.


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