John 4:39 Are You Talking?

“Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony, He told me everything I ever did.” John 4:39

Jesus had stopped at a well in Samaria on His way to Judea. There He met a Samaritan woman and talked with her. Remember that Jews rarely had anything to do with the Samaritans, in fact they would often avoid them as much as possible. As Jesus talked with her, she chose to serve Him. Then she went and told everyone in town what He had said and done. Many others followed Him because of her words.

Words from one person can play a large part in the decisions of another person. Some people will ask others for advice, but most will not. Even though they do not ask for advice they will listen and be swayed by the words of others.

Think about how much another person talking about a certain product will influence you to start using that product. If someone is excited about a product it is difficult to not look into it and maybe try it also.

Businesses work on this principle. They rely on advertisement and word of mouth. Word of mouth goes a lot further than just ads on TV or newspapers, or now in banners online.

Watch the trends in the nation. A celebrity starts wearing a certain brand of clothes, and suddenly all your friends are wearing those clothes and pressure you to purchase those same clothes.

With all of this said, are you talking about what Jesus has done in your life? Are you talking about who Jesus is?

People in the world will rarely pick up a Bible on their own or walk into a church on their own. You must be willing to tell them and invite them.

You won’t know how much your words will mean to someone else unless you use them. Your testimony about Jesus can have a great impact in someone else’s life. Are you willing to talk about Jesus? Maybe many in the city you live will believe in Jesus because of what you tell them. Start talking today.

I pray that God will give you His boldness to talk about Jesus; that you will tell other what Jesus has done for you; that you will not fear what others may think or say; that God will give you the words to say; and that God will draw many to Him through your words.


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