Luke 7:23 Don’t Stumble

“Blessed is anyone who does not stumble on account of me.” Luke 7:23

John the Baptist had sent some of his helpers to Jesus. He wanted to know if Jesus was the one to come, the expected Messiah. Jesus told them to look at what He was doing and report that. Then He added the statement that whoever does not stumble because of Him would be blessed.

Looking back at what you can see of Jesus today in the Bible, it is difficult to understand why someone would stumble because of Him.

Looking at it from the Jewish point of view, you must remember that they were serving God who could not be seen. Now there was a man, whom they knew, claiming to be God. This was blasphemy in the Jewish mindset.

Many people would stumble over this fact. Ultimately, Jesus would be crucified on the cross for making the statement that He is God.

Even today, there are many who stumble over the fact that Jesus was a man. If Jesus was a man, how could He be God? How could He, as a man, save the world? On top of that Jesus had died.

Along with being a man, Jesus also seemed to add to the Law. Jesus pointed out that the law said don’t kill, He added to that to not even think about killing. He added problems of the heart, not just physical actions.

Many people, then, and today still struggle with these things.

Some of the teachings of Jesus are very strict. They can be very hard to accept. Even though this is true, you still need to accept the teachings of Jesus.

Do not stumble over what Jesus taught. Be willing to accept and live by His words. Know that they were spoken to help, not hurt you.

I pray today that God will touch your heart with His words; that you will be able to accept all the words of Jesus; that God will fill you with His Holy Spirit to strengthen you; that you will not stumble over anything in Scripture; and that you will allow God to change you into the image of Jesus.


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