Revelation 3:1 Walking Dead

“To the angel of the church in Sardis write: These are the words of him who holds the seven spirits of God and the seven stars. I know your deeds; you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead.” Revelation 3:1

God tells the church of Sardis that He knows their deeds. This is not a church that is not doing anything at all. They are actively doing something. They even have a reputation of being a live church.

The question is what are they doing, because Jesus then tells them that they are dead. How can they be active in deeds and yet dead?

Look around and you will see many people who do not serve God at all actively pouring money into organizations to help the poor and helpless. They appear to be showing much love in caring for those people. Often their giving is just to get a tax write-off. How can there be any true love in the giving when God is not in it at all? They are dead, even though physically alive.

Many churches appear to be alive. Go to their services and the music is upbeat, people are clapping their hands, smiling, and even dancing.. By outward appearances they seem to be really alive. But when you really look and listen closely you often see they are dead.

The worship service is always 2-4 songs (and usually the same ones) and it is over. The sermon is very basic information for a beginning believer. There is no meat in the sermon. The prayers are always the same words and very simple. Lives are not being changed. No one is being challenged to live more like Jesus. They are in reality–dead.

You have to be careful in making the decision that someone or a church is dead. Allow God to lead you in that and have Him make that call. Do not make that call completely yourself. Only God sees the true heart of a person or church.

However, do not allow yourself to be like that. When you worship, worship with all of your heart. When you pray, pray with all of your heart. When you do a deed, do it with all your strength as unto God.

Be alive in everything you do. Do not allow yourself to be a walking dead person. Be excited all the way to the core of your life in serving God and others. The life of a believer in Jesus should never be mundane, same-oh-same-oh everyday. It needs to be alive.

I pray that today God will renew your walk with Him; that you will be alive for Jesus; that God will be in the center of all that you do; that nothing you do will just be routine, and that you will see new life daily in all that you do for God.

***Do you have anything that you are in prayer with God for? Please let me know in a comment on the Prayer Request page and I will join you in prayer for that need. May God bless you.***

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