Numbers 4:49 Assigned Work To Carry

At the Lord’s command through Moses, each was assigned his work and told what to carry. Thus they were counted, as the Lord commanded Moses. Numbers 4:49

Every job that any person works has some type of workload that must be carried. Depending on the job, some workloads are physical, while others are more mental.

People are often assigned these workloads determined by the need and their abilities. No single person is expected to carry the entire workload of a business, but everything is accomplished by multiple people carrying on their own part of the whole.

The Levites were assigned various jobs to work with the tabernacle and what they were to carry when the Israelites were moving to a new location.

While every believer is an individual before God, he is also a part of the whole of the Christian community of the church. This church is not just the single building location, but God’s world-wide church as a whole.

In God’s church, every believer is assigned a work to be done, something that needs to be carried to keep the church growing and moving forward. A few people will be assigned positions physically within a church building, while the majority will be assigned things to carry outside of the building.

Being a witness and loving neighbors is the most basic workload to be carried by every believer. In this process, some may have to do other work to be that witness and show that love.

For each and every believer this may look a little different. God assigns these workloads as to each one’s ability and availability at the time. However, every believer must be ready and willing to carry the workload God is giving him. God will provide the ability and strength to accomplish His will.

God has a purpose for you inside and outside the church walls. There is some workload that He is asking you to carry for a time. Be willing to pick up the load and carry it so that the mission of God will be accomplished.

If you choose to not carry the workload God has for you, someone may not learn about Jesus or receive the needed help, and someone else will have to carry an extra load. As you carry your part of the load, everyone else’s load will be lightened, and God’s desire will be fulfilled on this earth.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know what God desires for you to do; that you will carry the load God has for you; that you will do God’s will for your life; and that God will build His kingdom on this earth through you.

Numbers 3:36 Responsible For Small Things

The Merarites were appointed to take care of the frames of the tabernacle, its crossbars, posts, bases, all its equipment, and everything related to their use, Numbers 3:36

Every large company or organization has many different types of workers. These workers are the ones who do various jobs in order to make the organization run smoothly and correctly.

Only a few of the positions available are the glamorous looking leadership positions that many desire. Most of the positions are the ‘lower’ positions doing what appear to be menial or unimportant jobs. Though they may seem to be unimportant, all these positions are needed and are important.

God gave the sons of Merari, the son of Aaron, the job of caring for the frames and posts of the tabernacle and everything related to their use.

In the work for the tabernacle, caring for some posts does not appear to be something exciting to do. It is not the lead position of being the high priest or taking care of the sacrifices. Doing this type of work would be the like a person cleaning the toilets or vacuuming the carpet in a church today. These appear to be small jobs of no value.

There have been people in the church who leave the church because they are not allowed to do the big jobs. Pride gets in the way of their heart and does not allow them to do the small, necessary jobs.

Without small jobs being done, the big job cannot be accomplished successfully.

Believers are to do everything that they do as unto God. Every job, whether big or small, is to be focused on building God’s kingdom. In the eyes of God, every job that He hands a person to do is important for the building of His kingdom.

You may have a titled position in your church or you may not have one. Either way you have a job to do in order to assist in building God’s kingdom here on this earth.

Do not allow yourself to be resentful of the position you have or jealous of a position that you do not have. Allow God to work through you in whatever is available for you to accomplish. He will work within your skills and abilities to build His kingdom.

Together with others, you will build His church here on this earth.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that God will reveal to you the work He has for you to do; that you will work as unto God; and that you will see the value in the work you do in building God’s kingdom.

Philippians 2:14 No Grumbling Or Arguing

Do everything without grumbling or arguing, Philippians 2:14

Complaining is one thing that a person will see nearly every where he goes. No matter what is happening there is usually someone who is complaining about it. On every issue, there is nearly always someone that is not happy about it and finds fault.

The other characteristic that is commonly seen is arguing. People are always arguing with each other. Most often it is about who is right or which way to do something is right. Major wars have been started between nations because of arguments.

Paul tells the people to do everything without grumbling or arguing.

Grumbling is a sign of selfishness. One is complaining or grumbling about what is going on or what he has to do. He is not accepting what is happening or what he has to do, because he thinks there should be a better way, which then often leads to arguing.

In the same way as grumbling, arguing is often done out of selfishness. One wants things done his way and fights for it with words of arguing.

Many believers in the church can be seen grumbling and arguing. Complaining about how the service went or changes made in a church. Arguing as to which way something should go in a church service. Outside the church, many grumble about the traffic, the weather, other believers and more.

Everything that Jesus went through and did, He went through and did without grumbling or complaining. Instead of grumbling, He went to His Father in prayer for strength and direction to keep moving forward.

The focus is that the Father is in control and one is to trust Him in everything. As soon as one can fully trust God in everything, he will no longer want to grumble about a situation. He will no longer argue, but just present God’s word for the situation.

You will have times where things do not go as you had planned. Or things will be planned to go in a way that you do not necessarily like.
As you meet these situations, quickly bring them before God to give you wisdom and direction. Do everything that you do as unto God, that way you will have no reason to argue. Allow God’s Holy Spirit to give you the words to speak to keep from senseless, sinful arguing.

As you do these things, you will find joy and contentment in life.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will trust God in every situation; that you will do everything you do for the Lord; that you will not grumble or complain with what God is allowing you to go through; and that you will find joy in serving God with your whole life.

Zechariah 2:13 Be Still Before God

Still lake

Be still before the Lord, all mankind, because he has roused himself from his holy dwelling. Zechariah 2:13 

Being still is something very difficult for most people. They feel as if they need to be doing something at all times. When one is not doing something, he feels like he is failing or, more often, as if he is missing out on something.

In the process of continual movement, many people will burn out or make poor choices. Anxiety and depression will arise because of the need to keep moving. Health will quickly deteriorate, causing many serious health issues. Focus will become unstable.

Zechariah tells the people to be still before God. God was beginning to rise up again among them to lead them. He would rise against the enemies and destroy them.

Believers will often find themselves acting as the world does, needing to be constantly doing something. Some will never say no to anything asked of them, regardless of what it costs them.

While it is good for a believer to be doing the work of God, ministering, witnessing and serving, one needs to sometimes be still before God. Some move forward so much that they will run ahead of what God is doing and begin to do their own thing.

Every believer needs to stop once in a while and be still before God. This gives God a chance to renew their strength and focus. It allows time for a person to hear from God to get the information for the next mission. It also allows the person to be able to take a step back and see what God is doing.

Jesus often stepped out of the picture to be alone with God. He took time to be still before His Father. No believer should be any different than Jesus.

As you are going through your days take note as to how much you are running. Are you slowing down enough to hear from God and really see what He is doing and to hear what He wants you to do next?

Each day allow yourself to pause and be still before God. Ask God to show you what He is doing and what He is requiring of you for that day. Allow God’s Holy Spirit to guide you into the work He desires of you.

As you are still before God, you will gain the strength and ability to do more with God.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will slow down to hear from God; that God will open your eyes and mind to what He is doing; and that God will give you strength to do His work He has for you to do.