Psalm 89:1 Sing And Tell

I will sing of the LORD’s great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations. Psalm 89:1

There are many movies that show a man or woman who has just fallen deeply in love with someone. As they have fallen in love, they break out in song singing about that love. Then they start to tell everyone about that new-found love.

One classic movie that shows this is found in “My Fair Lady,” when Eliza sings the song “I Could Have Danced All Night.” She has fallen in love with Professor Higgins and sings late into the night, loudly, letting all the servants know what she is feeling. There is no shame or fear in her words.

Not everyone actually sings in public when they fall in love with someone, but in their hearts they are singing. Many will sing in private, but all will tell others about their new-found love.

The author of this psalm is singing about God’s love. He has discovered a love that passes all other loves. He has also learned of God’s great faithfulness and wants to tell everyone about it.

Every  believer has learned of God’s love and faithfulness. It is those very things that draws a person to God.

In your own life you had to have experienced some of God’s love for you to have become a believers. Think about how great God’s love is for you. You deserved nothing but painful punishment and death, yet God forgave you and gave you abundant life.

Along with that love, you have learned of His faithfulness. God has met needs of yours. He has answered many of your prayers. He has never failed to be by your side and meet every need you have, not necessarily every wish, but the needs.

With these things in mind, you should be more than willing to break out in a love song to God. You should also be willing to tell others about His faithfulness and love. Do not be ashamed.

Think of a time when you were in love with someone. How did you act? What did you do?

In that same way act and do even more so for God. Sing and tell others about God today.

I pray today that you will know God’s great love for you; that you will see God’s faithfulness; that you will not be ashamed of God; and that you will tell the world about God.

Psalm 78:4 Get The Word Out

We will not hide them from their descendants; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, his power, and the wonders he has done. Psalm 78:4

Whenever there is exciting news, people want to let everyone know. Whether the news is good or bad news, if it is something seen as big news, people want to tell everyone about it.

All over social media people talk about some event that occurred in the news. Some of those things discussed are good things, many are tragic events. Every time there is a major sports game going on, people are discussing the various plays and who won, and who should have done something different. The news is being sent out all over the nation.

Parents who have a new-born baby are excited and want to tell everyone about the new child. They take a hundred pictures and show every relative, friend, co-worker and more. They are proud of the baby and think everyone should know.

Most people feel that their life is just simple, no thrills, boring with nothing to be talked about. So they want to talk about what is happening in the world or to others.

As a believer, you have some exciting news to tell. Your life is not just simple, boring with no thrills. It is one that is filled with God. Jesus is the greatest news that anyone could talk about on this earth of all time.

Jesus has provided you and everyone salvation. In the process of providing that salvation, God has done many great wonders in your life, and in the lives of others. This information must be told to others. Tell everyone you know what you know about God and what He has done in your life.

How has God provided for you?

How has God healed you?

What has God done for you?

What has God done in you?

What have you seen God doing in and for others?

As excited as the world may be about some great news event in this world, you should be more excited about getting the word out about who God is and what He is doing.

What are you sharing and talking about today?

I pray today that you realize what God is doing in your life; that you will not fear talking about God to everyone; that you will tell the world what great things God is doing and has done; and that you will be a shining light in this world for Jesus.

Romans 15:20 Your Ambition

“It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not be building on someone else’s foundation.” Romans 15:20

When Jesus finally got a hold of Paul’s life and turned him around, Paul attempted to speak to the Jews. They refused to listen to him since they were still holding on to the Old Testament laws and ways of doing things. The Christians were nervous of him at first because he was the one who was an extreme persecutor trying to cut out all Christians.

He then chose to speak to the Gentiles. At the time, most Christians were not willing to talk to the Gentiles about Jesus unless they became a Jew first. In today’s verse he said it was his ambition to preach to those who have not heard of Jesus.

No matter where you go in the world, there will always be some people who have not heard about Jesus other than just a name. In the USA most people have at least heard of the name of Jesus, but never have heard who He really is or anything more about Him. In fact, many have only heard His name as a curse word.

As Jesus was leaving the earth He told the disciples to go and preach His message to everyone, everywhere. This means you must make it your ambition to actually go to the people to tell them about Jesus.

What is your heart’s desire? Most people have the ambition of living a good, successful life. Jesus and Paul had the ambition to see everyone saved. Their goal was to let as many people know that God loves them and wants to save them. It was what drove them to do the things they did.

Are you willing to tell others about Jesus? Are willing to seek out those who have never heard about Jesus?

Do not presume that people have heard of Jesus, tell them. Make sure that they have heard of Jesus and had the opportunity to accept or reject Him.

Make it your ambition to tell someone today about Jesus.

I pray today that you will know the love Jesus has for all people; that God will direct your path to those who have not heard of Jesus; that you will be bold in telling others about Jesus; and that God will draw many to Jesus through your words.

Romans 15:11 Praise The Lord

“And again, Praise the Lord, all you Gentiles; let all the peoples extol him.” Romans 15:11

Paul quotes from Psalm 117:1, telling all the Gentiles to praise the Lord. This verse repeats that thought by again telling all groups of people around the world to extol Him. Extol is another word for praising or lifting up.

One thing interesting about this verse is that it was quoted from the Old Testament. The Israelites believed that they were the only ones who could truly worship God. In order for a Gentile to worship God, he had to become a Jew. There was a ritual that had to be done for this. Yet, in this verse it is telling everyone to praise the Lord. One day in the future every knee will bow and confess that Jesus is Lord. He is saying that each person should do that now.

Many believers agree that they should worship Jesus. They will do that on Sunday mornings during worship service. They will sing the 2-3 songs and call it good for the week. Yet this letter that Paul wrote to the Romans was not read just on Sunday. It was read throughout the week. This statement to praise the Lord was to be done daily everywhere.

How can you praise the Lord Jesus? It is telling the Lord how good He is. Thanking Him for all He has done. It is singing songs to Him. It is telling others about Him. It is obeying Him. It is showing your love to Him. It is reading His Word.

If you do not know what to praise the Lord for think about how He is saving you from your sins. Take a look about you at all creation that was given to you for your pleasure. Think about all the good things that God has given you in your life. These few things should be enough to make you shout for joy to the Lord Jesus!

Do not wait until next Sunday in order to praise the Lord, do it today. Give Him praise. Shout it out loud for others to hear.

I pray today that you praise the Lord Jesus all day; that you will have a song of praise on your heart; that you will tell others of Jesus; that you will know all that Jesus has done for you; that you will know all that Jesus has given you; and that God will draw many to Jesus through you.

Romans 10:20 Found By The Unexpected

“And Isaiah boldly says, I was found by those who did not seek me; I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me.” Romans 10:20

Paul quotes from Isaiah 65:1, where God is talking about being found by people who were not really seeking Him. God had chosen the Israelites for His people, yet they had rejected Him and went their own ways. The rest of the world, the Gentiles, had chosen to follow idols, yet many ended up finding God.

During the time of Paul, many of the Israelites were stating that they were following God, yet at the same time rejected Jesus. They felt like they knew what they were doing and were in the right. When the gospel message about Jesus was brought to them, many rejected it. When that same message was brought to the idol worshipping Gentiles, many received it. God was found by those who were not really looking for Him.

Two things can be seen in this. First, as a believer in Jesus, are you really seeking Him or just an experience of just being saved? Many believers today just want to be saved so that they do not go to hell. Their salvation has very little to do with a relationship with Jesus and God the Father.

The second thing is that as a believer you need to tell everyone about Jesus. Everyone includes those who are hardened sinners who don’t look or act like they would want to hear about Jesus. This includes the people of other false religions. This includes people who do not believe in God or Jesus. These are people who are not seeking God.

It is these very people who may find God in what you tell them. God may touch their hearts and open their eyes when you are a witness to them. Give everyone a chance to accept or reject Jesus. Unless they are told they do not have that opportunity. Too often believers will not tell them because they do not expect them to accept Jesus. Yet, God may already be working on their hearts and minds. Give them a chance.

Make sure you are seeking God in your life and then go and tell everyone you can about Jesus.

I pray today that you will seek the desires of God for your life; that you will be willing to be bold and tell everyone you can about Jesus; that Jesus will draw many to Him through your testimony; and that God will reveal Himself to others.

Romans 10:14 How Can They Know?

“How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? Romans 10:14

Paul had just talked about how a person is saved. It is by believing in what Jesus had done–dying on the cross and raising from the dead. It is by confessing that Jesus is Lord. Then he begins to ask a few good questions. Those questions simplify down to how can someone believe in someone who they have never heard about?

Growing up in the 1970s it seemed like everyone knew about Jesus. You could not go anywhere without seeing a sign or hearing of someone saying something about Jesus. He seemed to be very popular. Since then things have changed.

Today it is very uncommon to see things in the public about Jesus. Many people believe (or at least claim to believe) in God. Yet, when you ask them about what they believe, they really don’t know. Most people do not believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Many others believe in Jesus, but also believe in Allah, Buddha, and all other gods out there.

For those that do not believe in Jesus, many it is because they have never really heard of Him outside of jokes on television or as a curse word. They do not know who He is because no one has told them.

If you are a believer in Jesus, at some point in your life someone told you about Him. Had they not told you, you would not be a believer today.

In this same way you must tell others about Jesus. Paul calls it preaching. That word scares many people. They feel they must be a certified minister to preach. Yet, all that is, is telling others what they know about Jesus.

Will you be willing today to tell someone about Jesus? Tell them what He has done for you and can do for them. Tell them about His love for them.

Tell everyone you meet about Jesus, and see who God can touch and change their hearts. Some of those you tell will turn to Jesus. Remember they cannot believe in Jesus unless you tell them about Jesus.

I pray today that Jesus will be real in your heart and life today; that you will believe in Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will tell others about Jesus; and that Jesus will draw many to Himself through your testimony.

Acts 18:9 Don’t Be Silent

“One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision: Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent.” Acts 18:9

Paul had went to the city of Corinth to bring the gospel message. As he was speaking there many people started believing in Jesus. Along with those people believing in Jesus there were also many who did not want to believe in Jesus and opposed Paul. Paul was preaching to the Gentiles and the Jews were upset with that. God comes to him in a vision and tells him to not be silent.

When the world starts telling you to be silent about witnessing about Jesus, it is easy to want to back off. Fear of what they appear to be able to do often stops many from speaking. People will fear the loss of their jobs, or position, or being punished for a “crime” being done, or something else.

It even gets more difficult when those telling you to be silent are people in the church. These are supposed to be believers in Jesus, yet they are following a different path.

All throughout the Bible the phrase “do not be afraid” is spoken many times over. As a believer in Jesus you must not be afraid of what man can do to you. You must look only at what Jesus did and can do. Look at the soul of the people and how God will destroy them in the end if they do not follow Jesus.

The world is on a one way path with destruction if they do not turn around. You have the message to help them turn around. The words of Jesus spoken to Paul were spoken to all the disciples and are now being spoken to you. Don’t be afraid. Keep on speaking. Don’t be silent.

When you are silent, the Devil wins the war. People will stay lost and condemned forever.

If someone had been silent, you would not be where you are today. You would not know and believe in Jesus.

Do not allow this to happen to others. Tell everyone you can about Jesus. Work at persuading them to follow Jesus.

I pray today that Jesus will give you a vision to reach the lost; that Jesus will fill you with His boldness and peace; that you will not be silent; that you will speak the words of Jesus to everyone; and that Jesus will draw many to Him through you.