Amos 6:1 Complacency

Secure with a rope

Woe to you who are complacent in Zion, and to you who feel secure on Mount Samaria, you notable men of the foremost nation, to whom the people of Israel come! Amos 6:1 

As people gain large bank accounts and retirement funds, they begin to feel very secure. They feel as if they have ‘made it’ and  are set for the rest of their life. It is what many strive for and dream of day after day. It gives them a peace of mind and they begin to rest in it, no longer having to work and fight for what they desire.

Hosea tells the people that when they are complacent and secure, there is problems coming. The leaders of Israel were acting in this way and were to see trouble.

Feeling secure is a desire of most people, both believers and non-believers. They want to ‘know’ that they have arrived and are successful.

It is common for many believers to begin to feel this way in their journey with God. Everything is going well and they begin to stop praying, stop reading God’s word, and stop praising and worshipping God. They begin to feel secure in where they are with God, rather than continuing to grow in line with God.

As this happens, many often begin to fall backwards. Sins begin to be allowed into their lives that had formally been avoided at all costs. They begin to no longer hear God’s voice or His Holy Spirit working in their lives, because they had ‘made it’.

This is complacency. It is being content with where one is at. It is a dangerous place to be. Once a person is there, it is easy for the enemy to take over. God does not like complacency. He wants a person to be hot or cold, not in the middle. No matter how far a person has come, there is still more room to grow more like Jesus.

Take a moment to look at your life. Have you become content with where you are in your walk with God? Do you feel as if you have ‘made it’?

Ask God where you need to grow and then begin to actively pursue God and His ways. Measure yourself up against Jesus and then begin to strive to become just like Him.

Do not allow yourself to become complacent and secure with where you are. It is a place of downfall and destruction.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will live more like Jesus every day; that you will walk more with God each day; that you will seek the things of God; and that your life will be a witness of who Jesus is. 

Choices And Resolutions


New Year ResolutionsEvery January, as the new year begins, many people start to make some resolutions. They think about what they want to accomplish in the new year. The resolutions that people come up with are as varied as the number of people on the planet.

Most resolutions are about health and relationships, although there may be others about finances, housing, jobs, schooling or other things.

The older people get, the more people realize the importance of good health and good healthy habits. People choose to lose weight, work out more, or eat healthier food. All of these are focused on being a better person or living longer.

Healthy Habits.jpg

While all of these resolutions can be good, they are only temporary fixes. Regardless how healthy a person eats or works out, there will come a day when he will die. Since the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden and sin entering the world, people die.

I am not saying that eating correctly or working out is bad. Over the years I have learned to try to eat a little bit more healthy. I still continue to struggle at working out to keep in good physical shape. Probably half the reason I am in as good of shape as I am now, is because I spent a number of years in the Army where I had to work out physically everyday. It started me out on the right path, though I when I got out, I was not one to go to a gym and work out at all, though I have tried at times.

While the physical eating and working out is good, there is something that is more important. My spiritual health is more important than my physical health. I have to work out and grow more spiritually to have true life and one that will last for eternity, regardless if I die or not on this earth a physical death.

In order to be spiritually fit, I must work my spirit in the right way. It begins with knowing God’s word. I must take time daily to read God’s word. Not only must I read it, I must take time to understand it and apply it to my life. If I read the Bible all the way through and can explain all of it very well, but do not apply it to my life, it is worthless. If I do not live by God’s Word, it is no good to me. My spiritual health will decline.

reading the bible.jpg

One of my resolutions this year is to get into God’s word more and apply it to my life more. This means reading it, memorizing it, and applying it to my life daily.

Another part of being spiritually fit, is to spend time with God. This is taking time to talk to Him and listen to Him. Prayer.

Many people find prayer very boring and seemingly worthless. They pray, but do not see immediate results, so they give up. Some feel as though God is not listening or does not care about them. Others feel as though they are praying the same boring prayers all the time and never getting anywhere.

This can happen in communication with anyone. Couples who have lived together for 20 years grow apart because the communication is broken down between the two. For one or the other it gets boring and worthless.

God hears yours and my every prayer. He wants to spend time with me to help me get to know Him better. Paul said that we should pray without ceasing. I need to always have a prayer on my lips or in my mind. Open, continued communication with God at all times.


My second resolution is to make more time for talking and listening to God. He is there to guide my every step. I won’t know that step if I am not talking and listening to Him.

The other thing that God wants for His people is for each one to be His witness. He called every believer to be a witness of the gospel of Jesus. His whole purpose in sending Jesus to the cross was to save the entire world.

Mark 16_15.png

I have been given the greatest gift a person can every receive–forgiveness and eternal life. This is not a gift that is for me alone. It is also a gift that the more I give it away, the more I have.

If I have such a great gift I must not hoard it to myself, but be willing to share it.

Along with being a great gift, it is also a warning to the people. The world is on a track heading for death, unless they switch tracks. They do not see the warning signs that there is only death ahead. I need to love them enough to warn them of the coming death.

My last resolution is to be a witness to as many people as possible. This starts with my own family, leading them to Christ Jesus, then it works out to my co-workers and people I know. Finally it reaches out to the world, those I don’t know, but come into contact with.

I want to be spiritually fit for God and others in this world. So my resolutions are:

  1. Reading and applying God’s word more
  2. Talking and listening to God more–prayer
  3. Being a better witness in this world

As I do these three things, everything else will fall into place better. God will guide me in what to do to be in better physical shape.

As you make resolutions this year, what do you want? What is your desire in this life?

I pray that God will guide you in the resolutions that you make and will help you to achieve each one. I also pray that God will draw you to Him more and make you more like Jesus in this new year.

Nehemiah 8:8 Read And Share God’s Word

They read from the Book of the Law of God, making it clear and giving the meaning so that the people understood what was being read. Nehemiah 8:8

Once the walls of the city were built the Israelites had gathered together to celebrate. This celebration would last seven days. Each day, all morning, the priests would read from the Book of the Law of God and explain what was being read to the people. This book was the books of Moses that contained God’s law for the people to follow. It had been neglected for many years, which had resulted in their being taken into captivity.

Throughout the world there are many things that are started, but left to fall apart after a time. The original desire for what was started was forgotten. Often it is forgotten because they do not remember why the thing was started in the first place.

When people lose the heart of why an event was started, they will lose the heart to keep it going. Loosing that heart is very easy as time passes on. The routine becomes so common that people begin to put it aside. Everyone wants something new, and to not keep going over the same thing again and again.

Living as a believer requires remembering what was said and done. God’s Word was given to reveal God’s plans and His heart for all people, and to show what every person must do and be like.

You must take time to read God’s Word each day. Not only must you read His Word, but you must also share what it says with others. God’s Holy Spirit will dwell in you and guide you into the meaning of what His word says. You will have the ability to apply every scripture to life in the way God meant it to be used.

Tell others what God’s Word, the Bible, means to you.

What has He told you today?

How have you applied it to your life today?

As you do these things, it will keep you in the center of God’s will for your life. You will also be working at building His kingdom by building others up with His Word.

Do not neglect His Word today. He has something to tell you.

I pray today that God will fill you with a desire to know His Word; that you will read the Bible daily; that you will tell others what God has told you; and that you will build His kingdom daily.


I want to thank everyone who has been following my blog. I pray that everyone has been blessed by the devotionals God has placed in my heart for you to read.

When I started this blog, I had started about half-way through the New Testament. I finished the New Testament, then went back to the beginning of it. Today I have finished it again. God is laying it upon my heart to start going through the Old Testament books. Tomorrow I will be starting with the Old Testament and beginning at the beginning with Genesis.

In the New Testament I had gone through it chapter by chapter. In most chapters I had at covered at least one verse if not more.

In the Old Testament I will not be going chapter by chapter. I will try to stay in order of the books, but will most likely skip various chapters to a spot where God leads me to have as a devotional. Some books I know will have many more devotionals than others.

One thing I do ask is that you read the entire Old Testament. As you read my blog, read the verses from one devotional to the next. Read all the verses that I did not cover. This will help you get the big picture of God’s Word and to verify that I have written things in context of what God is saying.

God’s Word is alive. I know that some parts of the Old Testament seem to be boring and you may wonder why God has that part in there. God has a reason for every portion of Scripture. Seek God’s Spirit to guide you and allow you to see what God has for you in every verse. Do not skip any portion, that may be the portion you need for the day.

Thank you for following my blog. May God bless you and draw all of us closer and more like Jesus as we continue to read and study His Word and hear from Him.