Matthew 16:15 Who Do You Say Jesus Is?

Who Do You Say I Am

“But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?” Matthew 16:15 

After having been in public ministry for a while, Jesus asks the disciples who the people think He is. They give the answers of different prophets of the Old Testament. Then Jesus asks them directly who they think He is.

The question of who Jesus is or was is still being asked to this day. Every year around Christmas and Easter, the news media is flooded with questions and answers on who Jesus was. The impact Jesus had on this world is still affecting people to this day.

There are very few people in the world today who deny that Jesus actually lived and died on this earth. The evidence of His existence is too great for any rational person to deny that He was a person. The question though that needs to be asked is not if He existed, but who was He?

People have not really changed their answer since the days Jesus asked the disciples that question. Although people today do not claim that He was one of the Old Testament prophets, many still look at Him as just a prophet or a teacher. Millions of Muslims will see Jesus as a great prophet. Millions of Buddhists will see Him as a great teacher. While both are right in that He was a great prophet and teacher, He was more than that.

Peter saw Jesus as the Messiah, Savior, Son of God. This was a lot more than just a prophet or teacher. This could also not be seen by just looking at Jesus. Looking at Jesus, He was just a regular man, just like everyone else. Looking with the eyes of God into the spiritual realm, revealed that Jesus was much more, He was God’s Son, the Savior.

As you read this, think about who you say Jesus is. Who is He really to you?

You cannot rely on the answers of other people, your parents, friends, or church. You need to have your own answer.

Read the Bible and see what it reveals about who Jesus is. Once you have made your decision, you must be willing to let others know also.

If you are truly open to what the Bible says, you will also be like Peter and realize that Jesus was much more than just another man.

Who do you say Jesus is?

I pray today that God will reveal who Jesus is to you; that you will know for yourself who Jesus is; that you will have a personal relationship with Jesus; and that you will share with the world who Jesus is.

John 20:31 Believing To Have Life

“But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.” John 20:31

John is coming to a close in this book. He states that with all that he recorded of Jesus doing miracles, there was still much more that were not recorded. The few that he recorded was to have a record so that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah and by that belief have life.

No one alive today was in Israel at the time Jesus walked on this earth. All that can be seen today is the written records of who He was and what He did.

These records point out that Jesus is the Messiah and one can be saved through Him. Once a person can see that, it must be accompanied by a belief in those words.

As a person believes in those words, one can see with his heart Jesus for who He really is. Jesus will reveal Himself to you through the Gospel messages and through others.

There are many people who like the Bible as just a group of good stories. Or it is just something a pastor talks from on Sunday. The Bible, with the Gospel messages, is God’s way of showing His love for you and His plan for your life.

Do you believe the message given? When you are in doubt read the Bible. When you are questioning your walk with God, read the Bible. Believe what is written there and apply it to your life. Have the life that God is offering you. Along with having that life, pass it on to others.

Stay in God’s Word to keep your eyes on Jesus and to know Him more. As you stay in His Word you will be able to have your own Gospel record written of all that Jesus has done for you and in you. He is still doing miracles today for you. Are you living that life? Are you believing in Jesus?

I pray today that God’s Word will be real to you; that you will know Jesus in a more personal way; that you believe in Jesus as the Messiah; that you will have the life Jesus offers; and that you will live the life Jesus offers.

John 10:25-26 Do You Believe

“Jesus answered, I did tell you, but you do not believe. The works I do in my Father’s name testify about me, but you do not believe because you are not my sheep.” John 10:25-26

Some people came to Jesus during a festival and asked Jesus to tell them directly if He was the Messiah. Jesus tells them that He had already told them but they refused to believe the answer. He tells them to look at the works He has been doing. They refused to believe because they were not really His sheep.

Since Easter has just passed, the question of who Jesus really was has come up a lot. Every year many news articles are done asking that very question.

The world is more than willing to debate who Jesus was. The only thing that they seem to agree with is that He was a very good person. Beyond that He was nothing but just another man.

Many see, with their physical eyes, the miracles Jesus had done or is doing today, yet, they do not see it with their spiritual eyes. They cannot see that those miracles recorded in the Bible and those happening today are a result of who Jesus is.

Jesus was the one who said He will save you if you believe in Him. How many times does a person work at being “good” enough to be saved? People state that they want to believe in Jesus, yet, they do not. They often want more proof of who He is.

In order to believe in Jesus as the Messiah, you must be willing to listen to His voice. You must know His voice. You must know who He is. In all of this you must believe what you know about Him.

Do not keep asking Jesus for more proof of who He is. Look at all the evidence that is already there. Look at the proof that is presented in your own life.

Don’t just look for more miracles. Act upon what you know about Jesus. Trust and obey Him. Show that you believe in Him. Be one of His sheep today.

I pray today that God will open your eyes to who Jesus is; that you will know His voice; that you will obey Jesus; that you will see the works Jesus has done in your life; and that you will tell others of who Jesus is.

1 John 2:22 Who Is A Liar?

“Who is the liar? It is whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a person is the antichrist–denying the Father and the Son.” 1 John 2:22

John just finished warning about antichrists and telling you that you have the truth. Now he asks the question of who is a liar.

No one really likes to be called a liar. Even people in the world do not like that title. Everyone believes that they are speaking the truth.

Yet, here, John tells you that anyone who denies that Jesus is the Christ is a liar. Many people around the world think of Jesus as a great philosopher or teacher, but nothing more. The word “Christ” means the anointed one, or the messiah.

Yes, Jesus was a great philosopher and teacher, but He was so much more. He is the Messiah, the one who saves. Jesus is the Anointed One–chosen by God to save the world. As a whole very few people in this world see Jesus this way.

Jesus is seen as no different from Muhammad or Buddha by most of the world. In America, it is becoming very common for people to state that you can worship Jesus while worshipping Allah. These are lies of the world.

Jesus is either nothing, or He is the Messiah. He has no equal and cannot be served in that way of thinking. If anyone thinks differently of Jesus, they are a liar. John even calls them an antichrist, one who is against Christ Jesus.

John had written that Jesus said He is the way, the truth and the life and no one can get to God the Father except through Him. This is truth. Anything different is a lie.

Do not allow yourself to believe the lies of this world. Do not allow yourself to follow anyone who teaches a lie of this world. Do not be a liar today. Make Jesus your Savior today. Do not deny Jesus in anything you say or do.

I pray that today God will reveal how Jesus is the Christ/Messiah; that God will help you to see the lies of this world; that God will reveal false teachings to you; and that you will make Jesus your Messiah, Christ, Savior today.