1 Chronicles 21:8 Admission Of Doing Wrong

Hands in prayer

Then David said to God, “I have sinned greatly by doing this. Now, I beg you, take away the guilt of your servant. I have done a very foolish thing.” 1 Chronicles 21:8 

Doing something wrong or foolish does happen. People make bad choices at times in their lives. Leaders make mistakes and make bad choices. It is a common thing to occur among all people, everywhere.

When a bad choice is made, most people attempt to ignore the mistake, hoping it will just go away. They do not want to it be made known. If it is found out, often people will attempt to cover it up, excuse it or blame someone else. Very few people want to take the blame for anything they have done wrong.

However, excuses, blame or covering something up does not remove what has occurred. The action is still there and often there are consequences to the action that was done.

David had chosen to count the number of men able to fight in the nation of Israel. This was a census that God had told them to not ever take. It went against God’s commands. Immediately upon his taking that census, God sent a prophet to deal with David. David immediately admitted that he was wrong to God and begged for forgiveness and removal of the sin.

Admitting one was wrong can be difficult. No one likes to be wrong or told they are wrong. Yet, people do make wrong decisions and wrong actions. The first step in clearing up the wrong is admitting what was done. Then making amends to fix the wrong done.

While men may be fooled with excuses and blaming, God sees everything that was done. He cannot be fooled. God is not standing there ready to just strike when one makes a mistake, but is there to help bring change and forgiveness.

There will be times that you will make a choice to sin against God. You will do things that will make God angry. Instead of trying to excuse it away or blame it on someone or something else, admit the wrong. Go before God and seek His mercy and forgiveness.

Jesus came to take away your guilt and sin. His goal is to cleanse you and make you right before God, not to punish you and strike you down. Don’t hide your sin, but admit it and fall into the hands of a merciful, loving God. He is there for you.

I pray today that you will know the mercy of God; that you will know the forgiveness Jesus offers you; that God will help you to make the right choices in life; and that you will live your life serving God. 


Luke 13:5 You Are Not Any Better

“I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish.” Luke 13:5

Some people came to Jesus talking about how some Galileans who died a horrible death at the hands of Pilate. They were implying that they were worse sinners than the rest of the Galileans because of the way they suffered.

Jesus replies that they were not any worse than any other Galilean. He also brings up the death of some people at the tower of Siloam. Both times He tells the people that they need to repent or they will also perish.

In life it is very easy to compare oneself to another person. People like to point out how good they are compared to someone else, or how bad another person is compared to themselves.

In the eyes of the world, different crimes are at different levels. Many people tell a lie and do not think anything bad of it, unless it is done to them. Those same people, however, would never kill someone. All of them would severely punish a person who killed someone.

A person who stole $10,000 would get a shorter prison term, than the person who killed someone. The person who killed is more deserving of punishment than the other.

Yet, in the eyes of God, all sin is punishable by death. Every sin, no matter how large or small, separates a person from God and brings on the judgment of death. No one is any better or worse than another. Everyone has a death sentence on their life because of sin.

With this, Jesus said that everyone must repent or perish. You, also, must turn away from your sins. You must seek forgiveness of your sins.

When you repent of your sins, Jesus will forgive you and give you life. He will remove the death sentence on your life.

Do not compare yourself to other people. Compare yourself to Jesus alone. Do you mirror Him? Are you perfect like Him? Put on His righteousness. Accept His forgiveness. Live like Jesus did. This way you will not perish but have eternal, abundant life.

I pray today that you will repent of all sin; that you will compare yourself to only Jesus; that you will seek God; that you will live your life for God; and that God will change you into the person you are meant to be.