1 Kings 18:18 Are You A Troublemaker?

“I have not made trouble for Israel,” Elijah replied. “But you and your father’s family have. You have abandoned the Lord’s commands and have followed the Baals.” 1 Kings 18:18

In a classroom there is often one student who is the class clown or class troublemaker. This is the one that causes problems in the class and will often draw many others into following him into causing more problems. The class ends up disrupted and in trouble with the teacher because they chose to follow the one leading in doing things the wrong way.

As Elijah went to meet with King Ahab, the king told him that he was the troublemaker of Israel. Elijah told him that it was he, the king, who made trouble by leading everyone into rejecting God’s commands and following false gods of Baal.

Whole nations can be easily led by a few people that stand up and make their voice be heard. People will quickly abandon what they know is right to follow the crowd in following some person in his popular ways.

Most people do not want to be left out alone and separate from everyone else.

Many different nations, such as America, have abandoned God’s commands and followed false gods because a few leaders led them astray. It begins with a leader, like the class clown, and spreads throughout the nation, often spilling over into the church pulling them further and further away from God, bringing on God’s judgement against them and loss of His favor.

The world calls believers the troublemakers, because they go against their false system. Believers need to make a solid, strong stand for God’s commands and refuse to follow the false gods of the land. They need to be the leaders in every area of a nation to keep the nation following God and His commands.

You may or may not be a leader of high position, but you do have an influence upon some people. You also have a choice for yourself as to whether you will follow God’s commands or not.

Make choice today that you will be a witness for God by leading others to follow and obey God’s commands. Do not allow yourself to be swept away with the crowds in following the Baals of your city, state or nation. Do not make trouble for your nation in leading them down the wrong path.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will follow all of God’s commands; that you will not make trouble for those around you in leading them away from God; that you will not be led away from following God; and that many will choose to follow God because of your testimony.

2 Chronicles 21:13 Prostitution And Murder

Storm on a road

But you have followed the ways of the kings of Israel, and you have led Judah and the people of Jerusalem to prostitute themselves, just as the house of Ahab did. You have also murdered your own brothers, members of your own family, men who were better than you. 2 Chronicles 21:13

As whole in most nations the acts of prostitution and murder are not acceptable practices. These actions are looked down upon and usually carries a punishment if caught.

These acts of prostitution is done on a regular basis in every nation by many people, although not the physical act. People sell their bodies and lives to get what they want, while claiming loyalty to another. The desires are for money, fame, material thing, positions, love, family, recognition, and more.

They also perform acts of murder upon wishing people were dead, cursing people, abortion, and physically killing people. Many of those who do these things appear to be good people in society. Very few people look down upon these actions, though they are still wrong.

Jehoram had become king of Judah and led the people back into sin and away from God. A prophet had come and accused him of leading the people into prostitution and murder. They had prostituted themselves against God. They claimed to be God’s people, but worshipped idols.

Thousands of people attend church on a regular basis and claim to be believers. While at the same time, selling out their soul to their job or some dream not honoring God.

When Jesus died upon the cross, every believer became a part of the bride to the Father. They were now married to God and were to remain loyal to Him in every area of their lives. While still claiming this relationship with God and attending church, many live in purposeful sin and rebellion against God.

They refuse to hold themselves accountable to God and sell their body and souls to the things of this world, hoping to get more. They are jealous and hating of others, causing murder in the heart.

If you are a child of God, you are the bride of Christ. Do not allow yourself to be defiled by living as the world does. Do not flirt with the world. Remain loyal and faithful to God for what He has already done for you.

Do not allow your self to be able to be accused of prostitution against God or murder. God has given you a new life.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will be dedicated to God alone; that you will not follow the ways of this world; and that your life will a sign of God’s great love. 

Exodus 32:31-32 Standing For Others

“So Moses went back to the LORD and said, Oh, what a great sin these people have committed! They have made themselves gods of gold. But now, please forgive their sin–but if not, then blot me out of the book you have written.” Exodus 32:31-32

While Moses was up on the mountain getting directions from God, the people started to worship a golden calf. They had given up on Moses and his God. They chose to follow an idol. Moses came back down the mountain and was angry with the people.

After cleansing the camp of any idols and getting rid of many people, he goes back up to God. He admits the great sins that the people have committed, but he asks God to forgive them. Moses then takes it a step further and tells God that if He will not forgive them, then he does not want to be in heaven with God. He does not want his name written in God’s book.

Moses shows a great love for the people. He is willing to forego heaven in order for them to make it. Jesus did the same thing for you. When He died on the cross, He was separated from His Father–God for a time in order for you to be saved.

Look around you and you will see many people who are followers of Jesus and yet have fallen into some type of sinful activity. These people are following God, but have strayed off the path for some reason.

As a strong believer, you must seek to restore them. Take time to show them God’s love and compassion and mercy. Often as believers, many will point a condemning finger at them and kick them to the curb. Often believers give up on those who have fallen into sinful acts.

Jesus wants us to strive to restore them gently. Moses stood up for those people who did not deserve anything but God’s punishment. He appealed to God’s love for them.

What are you doing today to restore someone?

Are you letting them fall and maybe even kicking them while they are down?

Are you laying down your life for others?

Or are you praying for God’s forgiveness and showing them God’s love and mercy?

Strive to restore people back to a strong relationship with Jesus today.

I pray today that God will show you ways to touch the lives of others for Jesus; that you will have the love of Jesus for others who have fallen; that you will build people up in Jesus rather than condemn them; and that many will follow Jesus because of your love to them.