Job 1:1 How Would You Be Described?

There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was blameless and upright, and one who feared God and shunned evil. Job 1:1

Every day people are described by others by how they are known. There are thousands of different ways that a person can be described, depending upon how others see that person. Usually, the description of a person is based off of what that person does and what that person’s character is like. These descriptions can be either positive or negative, helpful or harmful, but often are truthful.

Job is described as from the land of Uz and being blameless, fearing God and shunning evil.

Many people are very focused on making sure that they are known by a certain way. They want to be known as a great actor, a worker in a specific field, a good person or some other specific way that can show what they have physically done with their life.

Some people do not really care about what others think of them. They live their lives just how they want with no concern for others.

Often believers are not seen as one’s who fear God nor shun evil. Many act, speak and look just like the world, guilty of active sinful habits.

Jesus had given His followers to be a witness in this world, to let others see God in and through them by their words and actions. Some of the characteristics of true believers are that they will fear God, be blameless and flee all evil. Each of these characteristics come out of fear or respect for God, knowing who God is and His characteristics.

Every believer who can be described like Job was, is one whose character is just like that of Jesus.

People will have some description of who you are and what you are like. While some of those descriptions may be a little off, most will be accurate.

Take a moment to think about how you would accurately describe yourself. Would it be a description that you believe would honor and please God? Or would it be one that looks like the world? Seek to live your life like Jesus did and to look like Jesus to the world, fearing God, blameless and shunning all evil.

As you go through your days, how would others describe who you are? How would God describe you?

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will be found blameless in Jesus; that you will fear and respect God and His commands to you; that God will give you strength to flee all sin; and that you will be described as a true follower of God.

Numbers 35:34 Don’t Defile The Land

Do not defile the land where you live and where I dwell, for I, the Lord, dwell among the Israelites. Numbers 35:34

Environmentalists are very quick to desire to protect the land from any physical pollution or destruction. Some will go to extreme lengths to protect the land. Due to their work, some areas have been cleaned up and protected very well.

The focus of these environmentalists is that the land is where people and live and it needs to be kept in good health to provide for and protect the people and animals.

God told the people to not defile the land, specifically with bloodshed of murder, because He dwells there.

While taking care of the physical land is helpful, it is only a temporary help. The entire earth will be burned up and destroyed some day after Jesus returns.

There is another ‘land’ that is even more important to not defile and that is the body and soul of a person. Once a person chooses to repent of his sins, believe in Jesus and is saved, God now dwells in him. He has now become a land where God lives.

God, holy, pure and perfect, cannot dwell in a place that is defiled and dirty with sin. Too often many believers allow the sinful things of the world to defile their lives. Sin is allowed into their hearts and minds through many different methods, bringing filth into God’s dwelling place.

In the passage here, the defilement is about murder. Many believers allow murder in their hearts by hating and cursing others.

Believers are to flee all sin and all appearances of sin. They are to seek to live pure and holy, righteous lives before God and man because they are now the temple of God–the land where God dwells in.

As a believer, you are now the dwelling place of God. You have choices each day as to what you will allow into your life.

Do not allow yourself to be polluted by the sinful ways of this fallen world, since Jesus has removed all the filth of sin in your life. Do not go back into sin and defile God’s dwelling place. The temporary pleasures of sin will only bring about death.

Live the abundant life Jesus has purchased for you by His shedding of His blood upon the cross by living pure and holy before God and man.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will allow Jesus to purify you from all sin in your life; that God will strengthen you to flee all sin and anything that defiles your life; and that God will be pleased to live in you.

Leviticus 14:46 Not Getting Yourself Dirty

Anyone who goes into the house while it is closed up will be unclean till evening. Leviticus 14:46

Anytime that a place has some dangerous chemicals in it or something else that is dangerous, most people are unwilling to go near it. They do not want to be in any area that is dangerous to their health.

However, there are many people who will go in anyways because they do not see the danger directly. They feel that they will be ok because there are no immediate signs of danger and their health appears to still be good.

God told the people that while a house is shut up to be cleansed of any mold, if anyone goes in, he will be unclean until evening.

In this world there are many dangers that do not show up on the surface. They may take years before the danger shows up in the life of a person. Diseases and sicknesses often appear as nothing at first, until they take over the body.

Sin works in the same way as many diseases and molds in this life. It does not appear to be dangerous, and one can do it often without any immediate harm.

People are quick to walk into places of sin and defilement and think that they are safe. Temptations rise and grab at their heart and mind. Very few will flee the temptations and free themselves from the sin. Giving into the temptations, they are defiled.

Believers must be willing to stay away from places of temptation to sin. Keeping their mind and body in places where God is lifted up will keep them from being infected with sin. Focusing one’s life upon God and His word, will keep one from slipping into sin when around places of sin in this world.

Every day you will go to various places. Some of those places you will have a choice as to whether you go there or not, and other places you must go without options.

Do not allow yourself to step into places that will be quick to lead you into sin or away from God. Keep yourself from being defiled with sin and death.

Stay in Christ where there is forgiveness and life. Bring Christ into wherever you go that others may know the forgiveness and life He brings. Seek God’s direction on where to go or not to go in this life.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that God will strengthen you to flee all temptation and sin; that you will repent of any sins and seek God’s forgiveness in Jesus; and that you will not allow yourself to be defiled with sin.

Leviticus 11:43 Do Not Make Yourself Unclean

Do not defile yourselves by any of these creatures. Do not make yourselves unclean by means of them or be made unclean by them. Leviticus 11:43

Being clean is something that most people like to be. Although with some jobs people must get dirty, most will strive to clean up as quickly as possible after the job is done.

Those who don’t get cleaned up after getting dirty are often looked down upon as a slob or worse. Yet, despite getting cleaned up and avoiding being dirty, many will continue to play in dirt and think nothing of it.

After listing some animals that the people were to not eat or touch, God told them not to defile themselves with those animals or be made unclean by them.

Although much of the regulations on animals has been done away with when Jesus died and rose again upon the cross, there are many other things that can defile a person and make him unclean. The things that can make a person unclean are not the physical dirt and sweat of this earth, but inner spiritual things that are sin.

Many who would never play in the dirt, will play in sin, telling lies, watching things that should not be seen, gossip, cursing, hating, violent, drunkenness, sexual immorality and more. Doing sin is more filthy and causes more damage than being physically dirty on the outside.

Physical dirt only makes one dirty on the outside and can be easily cleaned off. It does not kill or destroy a person. The spiritual dirt of sin kills a person and is sending him to Hell. It cannot be physically washed away on one’s own, but takes the blood of Jesus to remove.

Believers must do all that they can to not touch or be defiled by any form of sin in their lives.

Most likely you wash yourself physically on a regular basis and strive to not remain physically dirty on the outside. Just as you strive to be physically clean, strive to also be spiritually clean on the inside.

Flee all sin and refuse to touch it or be defiled by it. If you do sin, repent and seek God’s forgiveness and the cleansing by the blood of Jesus upon your life. Jesus died to make you clean and holy, don’t go back to playing in the mud and getting filthy again.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that God will strengthen you to flee all sin; that you will not be defiled by walking in any sin against God; that you will repent and turn from all sin; and that you will live the holy life that God has for you.

Leviticus 7:21 Don’t Touch Anything Unclean

Anyone who touches something unclean–whether human uncleanness or an unclean animal or any unclean creature taht moves along the ground–and then eats any of the meat of the fellowship offering belonging to the Lord must be cut off from their people. Leviticus 7:21

Most people believe in being clean when they eat something. They do not want to bring any germs onto their food to go into their body.

In order to prevent these germs, most will wash their hands prior to eating anything. This does a good job at removing physical dirt that is on the outside of their body.

God told the people that if anyone touches anything unclean and then eats of the fellowship offering, that person must be cut off from the people.

Physical sacrifices are no longer required by God to have fellowship with Him and each other. However, there are sacrifices of praise and worship in fellowship with God and others that are to be done on a regular basis.

Just as the Israelites were to touch no unclean thing, believers are also to not touch anything unclean. This uncleanness now extends to more than just unclean animals, but also to anything that is sin, both physical and non-physical.

During the week many believers allow sin into their lives and do not repent of those sins. Then they get together with other believers on the weekends to worship God and fellowship with each other, with no repentance of sin. As they get together, they are dirty with sin in their lives.

Prior to getting together to worship God, every believer should take time to repent of any and all sins in his life. God is faithful and will forgive the person and make him clean before the Lord, allowing the fellowship to occur in holiness and righteousness.

You will have times that you will step into sin, making your life dirty on the inside. Do not allow that dirt to remain there, keeping you away from God and others, but repent of those sins and allow God to forgive you and clean you up.

Open the doors of fellowship with God and other believers by fleeing sin and repenting of any and all sins in your life. God wants to meet with you and talk with you, so do not touch anything unclean physically or spiritually.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will flee all sin your life; that you will repent of any sins before God; and that you will know true fellowship with God and others in holiness and righteousness.