Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

Title: Seeking Allah, Finding, Jesus
Author: Nabeel Qureshi
Publisher: Zondervan
Date: 2015
Pages: 296

This is an autobiography by the author on his quest to find Allah. He grew with parents who were very devout Muslims in America. They felt their mission was to get more converts to Islam.

As a young child he had a few questions regarding his Islamic beliefs, but was always told to accept what he was told because the teachers knew best. As he became a teen-ager and a young adult he desired to get closer to Allah and know Him more.

While in college he met a person who became his best friend. This friend was a Christian. He was challenged to find out why he believed what he believed. The more he studied the Islamic beliefs, the more it did not make sense to him. Over time it led him to look to Jesus. Through a series of events and studies he gets to know Jesus as the Messiah.

This book goes into extreme detail in the Islamic belief. It also takes a very critical look at the Christian belief. He looks at many verses in both the Bible and the Koran. He uncovers what Islam really teaches and the core beliefs that have been held for centuries.

In it is also a strong challenge to Christian believers in their mission in this world and the belief in God.

I would highly recommend every believer to read this book. It will help you to understand why Muslims believe the way they do. It will also help to understand how Muslims view Jesus and Christians as a whole.

Parts of it will be a little dry, due to the extreme details being presented, but in the end it is worth reading.

Revelation 2:20 Tolerating False Teaching

“Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols.” Revelation 2:20

On the surface the church in Thyatira must have appeared to be a very good church. They were very active in ministry. They did a lot of service works showing their love and faith, and they hung in there through the tough times. Jesus even states they were doing more now, then when they started. That was the outside show of who they were.

Inside, however, He had a different report. They were reported as having tolerated and followed Jezebel. She was a person who called herself a prophet of God, yet was teaching wrong things. She was leading the believers into sexual immorality and working with idols. She may not have been a literal person named Jezebel, but it was people who worked in that same spirit or ways.

There are people in the world today who call themselves believers and are leaders in various ways. Some call themselves prophets, or evangelists, or pastors, or some other title. No matter what title they call themselves, the idea is that they believe they are doing a work for God.

Their teaching may have some of God’s Word in it, but often it contains false teachings also. It will promote the idea of certain sexual practices are acceptable to God, even though God spoke against it in the Bible. They will also promote supporting other false beliefs. There are “churches” around now that believe you can believe in anything you want and still get into heaven.

As they promote these wrong beliefs, many will do many good works. They will help people out and show a lot of love. They appear to be of God, yet they are not.

Do not allow yourself to be one of these people. Keep your eyes focused on all of God’s Word. Do not allow yourself to be deceived by these types of people. God will give you wisdom to know when someone is true to Him or not. If you are grounded in God’s Word and prayer, He will help you to know His truth in every situation.

I pray today that you will not be led wrong by any false prophets; that God will give you wisdom in knowing His truth; that God will open your eyes to false teachings; and that you will speak His truth at all times.