Isaiah 47:10 No One Sees

You have trusted in your wickedness and have said, ‘No one sees me.’ Your wisdom and knowledge mislead you when you say to yourself, ‘I am, and there is none besides me.’ Isaiah 47:10

God had chosen to use Babylon to punish the Israelites for their rebellion against Him. In the process of doing that, Babylon became very proud and felt that they were the top authority and in complete control. They went further in the punishment of the Israelites than God had wanted them to do. Now God was calling them into account for their actions.

The world as a whole lives in a way that does not believe in God in any way. They live in sin because that is all that they know and they do not believe that God exists. The person who lives this way is living the only way that they know how to live.

One of the sad things is that many believers live in very much the same way. Individuals have personal sins in their lives that they commit in their house behind closed doors when they are alone. They feel as if no one is around and that no one can see them.

Buying into the world’s ways of doing things happens by many believers. They forget that God is right there at all times. God can see behind closed doors and into the mind of every person.

You may have some of these challenges in your own life. It may be direct actions or it may just be in your thoughts, either way it is sin that you are holding onto in your life. You may try to justify that sin and feel as though no one sees it. However, remember that God is there and sees and knows all.

Do not allow the wisdom and knowledge of this world or your own wisdom and knowledge to fool you into thinking that God does not see or know what is going on. Give those sins and habits to God and allow Him to crucify them. Allow God to remove all sin from your life.

Always keep in the front of your mind that you are never alone and that God sees and knows all. Allow Him to create in you a new heart and mind. You are a new creation. Do not live in the old sinful ways.

I pray today that you will know God’s presence in your life; that you will give all sinful habits to God; that you will seek God’s strength to turn from all sin; and that you will listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance to you.


Matthew 6:1 Doing to Be Seen

“Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.” Matthew 6:1

In this verse Jesus points out that you are supposed to work at being righteous. He tells you that your are to practice your righteousness.

No one is born perfect and no one really does what is right before God without God’s leading. A person who plays a sport must practice everyday in order to get good at it. Being able to play any sport well does not automatically happen, it takes lots of dedication and practice.

As a believer you must practice living right before God. You must work at doing what God wants you to do.

However, Jesus tells you to be careful in how your practice your righteousness. You must not do it around others just to be seen by them.

Very often people in the church will do something for God and then will brag about it to everyone. They want to be sure that everyone has seen their “righteous” act.

This is acting just like the world. People in the world are always pointing out what they have done to look good. Many will even say they are a good person and deserve to go to heaven because of their good deeds.

Jesus states that if you do these righteous acts to be seen, then you already have your reward. God the Father will no longer give you a reward for that righteous act when you get to heaven.

This does not mean that other people cannot give you honor for doing something. What is not to happen is for you to purposely do it for that honor from a person. God may use others to honor you, but you must not seek that honor yourself.

Everything you do must be done for God and Him alone to see. Earlier Jesus had stated that you must do things so that the world will see and give God praise, not to give you praise.

Do not give up the rewards that God has in store for you. He is perfect and can give the perfect everlasting gifts. The praise of the world is only temporary and conditional.

I pray today that God will guide you in living a righteous life; that you will do the right things for God; that your heart will be focused on God; that all you do will be for God; and that God will reward you richly for your actions.