Job 31:4 Doesn’t God See?

Does He not see my ways, and count my steps? Job 31:4

Often workers do not want their bosses to see them or know what they are doing, especially if they are guilty of not really doing the job or slacking on it. Other workers wonder if their boss ever sees them, because they are doing everything right and don’t appear to get the recognition, they feel that they deserve. Or they feel that they are being punished for someone else’s mistake. During these times lots of questions are often asked.

Job asks the question of whether God sees his ways or count his steps. He then lists of many different things that if he had done them, he would be guilty.

Any time that a person begins to go through a difficult time, there are a lot of questions that begin to rise up and be asked. The longer and harder the difficult times last, the more that questioning occurs. People always want to know why things are happening in a bad way as they are.

Believers are no different in this area. Often there is a deceptive concept believed that once a person becomes a believer, that everything will go smoothly and that there will never be any problems. God will take care of the person and bless the person richly with no challenges.

With this type of thinking, as soon as there are great difficulties, people begin to wonder if God sees them or recognizes all the good things that they have done. One must remember that all the good things a person does, does not make him a good person in God’s eyes. Only repentance and belief in Jesus, the righteousness of Jesus makes the person ‘good’.

Instead of questioning God, one must trust that God knows what He is doing, knowing that there will be difficult times in life and that God sees and knows all.

You will have times of great difficulties, filled with problems. Do not lose faith in God. As you are going through those times, God is watching. He knows exactly what is going on and is in control. It may have nothing to do with what you have done or not done in life, but it may be a time of testing to prove your faith in Him.

Hold fast to what God has promised you and don’t question God but watch Him work through the difficulties.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will see God’s hand at work in your life; that you will trust God is watching what you are going through; that you will know that God only gives you what you need; and that you will grow closer to God during times of testing.

Photo: Bernd Dittrich under Unsplash

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