Psalm 48:9 Thinking Of God’s Lovingkindness

We have thought, O God, on Your lovingkindness, in the midst of Your temple. Psalm 48:9

Most people can think of one person is seems to be exceptionally kind or loving to everyone they meet. That person goes out of the way to be nice to others and help them out, showering love upon everyone met. A person like this stands out, because very few people are filled with very much love and kindness for most other people outside of family at best. Bitterness, selfishness, anger, rage, jealousy, impatience and violence are things most commonly seen in people, rather than love and kindness.

The writer of this psalm tells God that they were thinking of Him and His lovingkindness while in the midst of His temple.

As a whole the world is most often focused upon self, what is in it for self, rather than looking out for the other person. Even when the world helps someone out, it is often for the purpose of looking good, not really out of love and care.

Since the world has such a view, the majority of the world also does not see nor understand God’s love or kindness. All they see is a harsh dictator who demands certain things.

Believers who have taken a moment to really get to know God, recognize His amazing lovingkindness. First, they recognize His great love in not destroying one immediately because of sin. Then they see His great kindness in offering forgiveness and removal of sins at His expense.

As one begins to see these things about God, and many other great examples of His love and kindness, that is what captures their thoughts. The believer is also the temple of God, so one is in the midst of His temple as one has these great thoughts of God’s love and kindness.

Looking back over your life and where God has brought you from and is bringing you to, you may be able to see His love and kindness all over your life. Realize how great His love is in being willing to love you and forgive you, even while you hated Him and were a sinner. His great kindness drew you to Him and caused you to repent of your sins. Allow those thoughts of His love and kindness to fill your every thought of every moment. Be amazed at what He has done.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know God’s love in your life; that you will know God’s kindness extended towards you; that you will keep in mind all that God has done for you; and that you will share God’s lovingkindness with others.

Picture by Elisabeth Wales on Unsplash

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