Psalm 24:5 Receive Blessings And Righteousness

He shall receive blessing from the Lord, and righteousness from the God of his salvation. Psalm 24:5

Very few people around the world actually want to do something bad. Most people desire to do what is right and receive blessings because of their action. The challenge for most is knowing what is right and wrong. Determining what is right is often found in the personal desires of one’s own heart and changes on a regular basis. Blessings are then seen as getting what one wants immediately upon doing what is seen as right. All of it is dependent upon the individual.

As David talks about who can ascend God’s hill, he states that the person will receive blessings and righteousness from God.

People love to do their own thing and take all of the credit for it. Most want to earn the praise that they receive. Blessings are then earned by what one does correctly, rather than just being given out of love and care.

Earning blessings this way will leave one weary and worn out. The world will fail in doing what is right. As soon as one does something wrong, that person is a failure and condemned by sin, with no hope of salvation.

Believers will often, like the world, strive to do what is right for the sake of looking good to God and the world. Instead of striving to look good, believers need to take on God’s righteousness that He provides. It is God who removes sin and pours out righteousness and blessings upon the believer through salvation and forgiveness of sins.

It is only by the power and direction of God that a believer can do what is right. As the believer is led by the Holy Spirit, that believer begins to receive the blessings of a full and abundant life in Christ Jesus here on earth and in the life to come.

Each and every day that you choose to seek God and His righteousness, you will be blessed. That blessing is knowing God is giving you what is best for your life.

You cannot earn His blessings, nor do what is right in your own ability. Sin in your life will cause you to fail. Put your trust in God and receive what He has for you. Give God praise for the uncountable blessings He has given you in His righteousness to make you more like Jesus.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know the blessings you have in Jesus; that you will know the righteousness God gives you; and that you trust in the righteousness of God and not your own.

Picture by Anant Chandra on Unsplash


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