Psalm 98:2 Salvation Is Available

The Lord has made known His salvation; His righteousness He has revealed in the sight of the nations. Psalm 98:2

Having problems is common to everyone, however, finding a solution to the problem is often very difficult. The world can see many different problems that people face all over the world and are seeking ways to solve those problems. There is a common recognition that the world may not last forever. Everyone has different thoughts on what to do. Various things are tried, with every solution the world finds are failing at some point or another to accomplish their desire.

During a time of praise, the psalmist writes that God has made known His salvation and righteousness to the nations.

Throughout the world there is often a feeling of hopelessness and doomsday thinking. Violence is seen everywhere. Sickness abounds more and more. Natural storms appear to be larger than ever. People are seeking purpose for their lives. Suicide is rising to cope with the lack of hope. And ultimately, everyone will die.

The world is seeking to be like God and provide the answers to everything, to live forever, yet are falling short and failing.

Nearly two thousand years ago, God provided a Hope that the world can have. Despite the sin of mankind, God has provided a way to remove that sin and give every person life, abundant and eternal life. This was not done is secret or only to a select few people, but in a time and place for the world to see and know.

Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead to reveal God’s plan of salvation for every person. While the majority of the world rejects God’s plan of salvation in Jesus, there are many who have chosen to believe, repent of their sins and are saved.

In your life, there are probably many things that occur that do not make sense. You may be seeking to find purpose in your life and to be rescued from the chaos and troubles of this world.

God loves you more than you will ever know or fully understand. With that great love, He has provided a way of salvation in spite of the chaos of this fallen world. He has revealed it in Jesus. Forgiveness and salvation is available through belief in Jesus. There is a hope and salvation that you can have.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will believe in the work of Jesus upon the cross; that you will know the salvation God has made for you; and that you will know the abundant life God has for you.

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Psalm 89:14 Perfect Balance

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; mercy and truth go before Your face. Psalm 89:14

Balancing life is very difficult for most people. Things tend to swing all the way one way or the other, and often very quickly. Moods and circumstances change on a regular basis, causing people to change how one acts or reacts to what is occurring. How a person feels in the moment determines how much mercy or truth that will be displayed during a situation. There is rarely a consistent solid balance in how people deal with things.

In talking about God, Ethan the Ezrahite says that righteousness and justice are the base foundation of His throne, and that mercy and truth are always with Him.

Doing the right thing and having justice at the same time is difficult for most people. Then adding in mercy and truth complicates the matters even more so.

God is always seeking for perfect actions, words and thoughts in everyone who follows Him. He will never act or say the wrong thing and will always guide His people on the correct path.

However, at the same time, God demands perfect justice. There is a price to be paid for sinning, doing something wrong, against God. That price is death, and God’s holiness demands it. People will try to hide the truth of their sin behind excuses, but God sees and knows the truth.

Although every person deserves to die because of sin, God’s love and mercy now steps in to remove those sins. Jesus, the perfect example of mercy, died on the cross to pay the death penalty for each and every sin. In mercy, He removes the sin so that people can have eternal life with God. This is where God balances perfect righteousness and justice, mercy and truth in the lives of every person.

You have different areas of your life that you have to work on to balance. Among those areas are righteousness and justice, mercy and truth. These need to be balanced in your own personal life and in your dealing with others. On your own, you will fail, but if you lean on God and seek His ways of how to live your life and how He works with you, God can show you how to bring in the correct balance and be more like Jesus each day.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know God’s righteousness, justice, mercy and truth; that God will guide you in how to balance His ways correctly in your life; and that you will treat others and yourself as God treats you.

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Psalm 85:13 The Righteous Pathway Of God

Righteousness will go before Him, and shall make His footsteps our pathway. Psalm 85:13

In the early days of history, various people would blaze new paths throughout an unknown land. Adventurous men and women would explore new lands to discover what was there. As they did that, many would leave a pathway for others to eventually follow. Sometimes slowly, other times quickly people would walk along that path to bring themselves to a new land and location to live. Some would walk those paths, while there were many others who were content to stay where they were and not walk those paths.

The writer of this psalm describes God in that righteousness would go before Him and His footsteps would become their pathway.

The world has made many different pathways throughout history. One person begins something and someone else builds upon it to greater things. However, much of the pathways of the world will often lead to more and more sin. There is no foundational ‘right’ way of living for the world. Each person chooses one’s own pathway of what is right or wrong.

God has chosen to set a path for a person to walk in. That path is one of righteousness and holiness. He originated it with the Law to point people to the need for salvation outside of their own works. Later God completed the pathway through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

People were unable to walk the path of righteousness of God on their own, so God sent Jesus to make a way. He removed their sins and then sent the Holy Spirit to give them strength and guide their steps.

Believers who choose to follow Jesus will be able to walk in His footsteps on the pathway God has set before them, leading them to eternal life with Him some day.

Each and every day you are on a pathway through this life. The world offers many different paths in which you may choose to take. God offers one path. The world’s path may have temporary satisfaction, but in the end it leads to death. God’s holy and righteous path leads to peace, love and eternal life. God will not force His path upon you but offers it to you. All you must do is be willing to walk in the righteous path He has made for you. It is completely up to you which path you will choose to take.

Which path will you take?

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will accept the path God has for you; that you will see the righteous path of God and walk in it; and that God will guide your every step.

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