Psalm 12:1 Where Are The Godly People?

Help, Lord, for the godly man ceases! For the faithful disappear from among the sons of men. Psalm 12:1

The world goes through their days each day just living life. Many understand that there are many problems in the world with extreme violence rising and being seen everywhere. Although they see the problems, most do not see the bigger picture of what is really going on and why those problems exist. All that exists in their minds is the here and now in the moment, which is focused on pleasure and taking care of self.

David cries out to God for help because godly men are disappearing. There are fewer and fewer faithful men to be found.

Before a person chooses to believe in Jesus, one is just being like the world. There is no rock-solid standard that people will stand upon. Everything changes to the whims of people in the moment as they seek to be happy and please themselves. What is good/bad one day is the opposite the very next.

God has placed a standard in place that is the same throughout history and throughout the world. This standard can be found and understood through the Bible, His word. True believers stand upon God’s word, which is eternal and never changes.

Although there are many true believers standing upon God’s word in the church, there are many who are being deceived and no longer standing on that word. More and more people in the church are being swayed into believing the lies of the world and are becoming more unfaithful to God.

It is more difficult to find Godly men and women in this fallen world as many choose to follow the ways of the world, rather than God’s ways. Believers need to stand strong and true upon God’s word and live the Godly life He has called them to live.

Most likely you can see the sin that is rampant in the area in which you live. Take a moment and think about how many Godly people you know. As you think about that, how many new Godly people are being discipled and raised up? And how many Godly people have chosen to walk away from God’s truth and follow the ways of the world.

Do not allow yourself to become one of the Godly people who disappear. Stand upon God’s word and live according to His word each and every day.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will live according to God’s word; that you will remain faithful to God at all times and in every situation; that you will be a witness of who Jesus is; and that God will build His church through you.

Picture by Magda Smolen on Unsplash

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