Job 41:10 Not Standing Against God

No is so fierce that he would dare to stir him up. Who then is able to stand against Me? Job 41:10

There are men and women throughout the world who have become so accomplished that they feel that no one can stand up against them. Some feel as if they are the top of the world and in full control. It often appears that what they desire, they will get no matter what the cost and no one can stop them. Yet, there are also some things so great that even the best will not want to face if at all possible.

God had just described some large animal and how fierce it is that no one would be willing to stir it or mess with it, but He can control it. Then He asks Job who will be able to stand against Him.

Humans have been able to capture and hold every animal on the planet. There is no animal so large or fierce that it cannot be captured. While most will fear many of these animals, there are some who will take them on with no fear.

In the same way that people have been able to control animals, there are some that feel that they can go against God and control Him. In defiance they are rebel against God and refuse to do what He says.

Believers will sometimes also choose to rebel against God and stand up against His desires. God will call a believer to do something for Him and that person will refuse to do so. Or God will allow something in one’s life, and the person will get angry with God for that allowance.

Instead of standing up against God, believers must understand that He is in control and knows what is best. Trusting God’s judgement and walking with God is the best choice.

You may have times in which you do not agree with or understand what God is allowing or doing in your life. There may be times of pain and suffering as what Job had went through.

Do not allow yourself to rise up against God and attempt to control Him. Understand that God is greater than you and more powerful than you will ever be. Respect His decisions in your life and put your trust in Him. Allow God to be God and Master of your life.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will trust God choices for your life; that you will walk with God; that you will not stand up against God’s judgements in your life; and that God will give you strength through the challenges He allows you to go through.

Picture by Lisa Yount under Unsplash

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