Is God A Trinity (book review)

Title: Is God A Trinity
Author: Blair Adams with Howard Wheeler and Joel Stein
Publisher: Colloquium Press
Date: 2021
Pages: 440

Is God A Trinity (book review)

Blair Adams with Howard Wheeler and Joel Stein take a look at the age old view of the trinity of God versus the belief that God is One God. The basic belief of the trinity is that God is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit–three Gods as One God.

He begins the book by looking at where the concept of the trinity began and some of the beliefs and philosophies behind it. In his opinion much of the belief of the trinity came about due to the heavy influence of ancient Greek philosophy upon the early church leaders. Throughout the book, Blair points out some of the fallacies of the trinity belief that has come up in the church throughout history. As he looks at the trinity, he also looks at the belief that God is One God and not a trinity.

Blair does an excellent job at using many different sources for his material for and against the trinity. He also uses a lot of biblical verses to show his viewpoint and reasoning.

This book is written at a very high level of reading, though it is a very excellent book to read. Many times I had to reread a passage to understand what he was saying. I also had to look up some words that I did not fully comprehend.

I will not reveal his view on the trinity, you will need to read the book to understand it and know where he stands. On this post I will also not reveal where I stand on the two views. There are some things he states that I fully understand and agree with and there are some things that I struggle with agreeing with.

If you have any interest in understanding the trinity versus One God beliefs, I highly recommend reading this book.


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