Job 17:15 Is Depression Setting In?

Where then is my hope? As for my hope, who can see it? Job 17:15

The percentage of people who are going through depression is very high. Many people are taking anti-depressant drugs to help them deal with their depression. The levels of depression that people are going through are usually due to extreme levels of trouble in their lives and that they have lost all hope. Most do not see a way out of whatever difficult situation that they are currently in.

While Job was going through extreme difficulties, he began to lose hope. He could no longer see it and asked where it was and if anyone could see it.

Every person has times in which one goes through a difficult time. Often that time of difficulty is relatively short or not very extreme. During these short difficulties most people still have hope that it will end soon.

However, there are times when it appears that one thing goes wrong right after another for an extended period of time. Some of those difficulties directly show that there will be no end of it, or it is not very likely to end in this life. It is during this time that people lose hope. Losing all hope will always lead to depression and a desire to give up and quit.

Without God in one’s life, there is no real hope available. The world can offer drugs to help cope with it, but in the end, there is still the trouble, and nothing left.

Believers will often get caught up in depression during hard times. Like Job, many will lose their hope and only see the problems.

Instead of focusing on the problems, believers need to focus on the promises of God. Despite the difficulties, God is still with the believer and He will save the believer. In the end the believer has hope of eternal life in Jesus.

There will be times in which you will go through extreme difficult situations. Do not allow the difficulties to overwhelm you and cause you to lose the hope you have been given. Do not become depressed and turn to the ways of the world to deal with it.

During these times put your focus upon God. Jesus forgave your sins and is saving you, not to allow you to die with no hope, but so that you may have the hope of eternal life.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know the hope you have in Jesus; that you will trust God’s promises to you; that lean on God for strength during difficult times; and that God will remove any depression in your life and fill you with the joy of His salvation.

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