Epoch–The Rise And Fall Of The West (book review)

Title: Epoch–The Rise And Fall Of The West
Author: Kevin Swanson
Publisher: Generations
Date: 2021
Pages: 733

Epoch–The Rise And Fall Of The West (book review)

Kevin Swanson takes a brief, but very well covered look at the rise and fall of the West–Europe and America. He begins by looking at what made the West so great that it became the major powers of the world.

Going back into ancient history, he looks at various nations and what brought them to great power and what led to their downfall. As he looks at these various factors, he brings it to the present and shows how Europe and America has made the same choices leading to rise and fall.

The overall view of this entire book is one of the Christian view, that with God a nation will rise and without God a nation will fall. Some of the things he looks at are: the rise and fall of the church, Christian civilization, humanity, charity, science, economy, culture, sexuality, liberties, and education.

Looking at these various areas of life, he points out how the enemy, the devil, uses men to turn the heart of the nation away from God and look to self. Morality and the commands of God are thrown out in seeking self-pleasure at any cost.

About 29 pages are dedicated to giving sources to things he quotes or references throughout the book.

This book is very hard hitting at both the “church” and the nation as a whole. It reveals very clearly how Europe has fallen and America is now falling. Since this book was written in 2021, it also includes current events of the recent riots in America, LGBTQTIA+, and COVID worldwide.

I highly recommend everyone to read this book. It is a long book, but an easy read. The flow of the reading is very easy to understand and keep one reading. Once I started reading this book, it was very difficult to put it down. It will also break your heart when it opens your eyes to what is going on with the big picture of the nations.

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