Leviticus 13:52 Getting Rid Of Spoiled Material

He must burn the fabric, the woven or knitted material of wool or linen, or any leather article that has been spoiled; because the defiling mold is persistent, the article must be burned. Leviticus 13:52

Mold is something that no one wants to have in their house. Some molds are very deadly and can cause a lot of sickness or even death. All molds are destructive to whatever it gets on.

People will use many different chemicals today to get rid of mold. Sometimes the article in which the mold is on must be removed and replaced completely new.

Under some rules about dealing with mold, God told the people that if an article has persisting mold, it must be burned.

Although mold can be dangerous and cause a lot of problems, there are people who ignore signs of mold forming in their house. Over time the mold will grow until it becomes a very dangerous thing, and the entire house has to be gutted out and redone.

Just as mold starts out small and grows over time, sin does the same thing in a person’s life. One small sin is ignored and accepted in one’s life, then over time it slowly grows larger and larger. More and more sins take over the life of the person if it is not dealt with correctly.

Unlike mold, sin cannot just be washed away by some man-made chemical, it must be cleansed by the blood of Jesus. The moment a person realizes that there is sin in his life, he can repent and Jesus will immediately wash that sin away. It will be completely removed.

As one is cleansed, he must be willing to remove whatever brought that sin into his life. Just as the danger is removed when the mold is removed, so the danger is removed when sin is removed.

In the same way that you do not want any physical mold in your life, strive to keep sin out of your life. Allow God to open your eyes to see where sin is being allowed to form and grow in your life. Then repent and allow Jesus to cleanse you from all sin, making you whole and clean again.

Flee from what brought about the sin so that you may not sin again. Live for God, not yourself and this world, and you will remain clean from all the mold attempting to take over your life.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will repent of all sins and allow Jesus to cleanse you of all sin; that God will guide you in fleeing all sin; and that you will remove things that lead you to sin against God.

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