Exodus 16:28 Will You Refuse To Obey?

Then the Lord said to Moses, “How long will you refuse to keep my commandments and my instructions?” Exodus 16:28

Regardless of who a person is or where he lives, there is someone he must obey. There are rules and regulations that are expected to be followed.

While the majority will follow the majority of the rules, there are some that refuse to obey. They choose to do their own thing, disregarding the regulations that have been put in place thinking that they know best. Leaders and commands are ignored in rebellion.

God had given the Israelites some directions on how to collect up food and some chose to do it differently. God asked how long they will refuse to keep His commands.

Every command and rule are put in place for purpose. Many are for the protection of the people in some form or other, while some are for power and control by those in authority.

Any time that someone chooses to disregard and not obey a command or ruling, there will be a consequence. This can be anything from a light reprimand all the way up to punishment by death in the eyes of man. The more one chooses to disobey the law, the more severe the consequence.

God has great love, mercy and patience when working with His people, the believers. However, many believers choose to not always obey His commands. Although one may not see the consequence immediately, there will be a day that God calls the person to account for his disobedience.

The same question asked of the Israelites can be asked of many believers today as to how long they will refuse to obey His commands. Every believer must choose every moment to obey and keep all of God’s commands and instructions. He is to live as Jesus lived, obeying His Father.

As a worker and a citizen of a nation, you have rules you must obey. Just as you are willing to obey those laws, be willing to obey the commands of God even more so.

The commands God gives you are perfect and for making you perfect and holy as Jesus is perfect and holy. Do not allow yourself to become like the world and disregard and refuse to obey God. Turn from the wicked ways of the world and your sinful past and obey God. His commands are perfect and with love.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know the commands God has for you; that you will obey all the commands God has given you; that you will trust God’s rules for your life; and that God will strengthen you as you obey Him.

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