Psalm 65:3 Being Overwhelmed By Sin

Clouded valley

When we were overwhelmed by sins, you forgave our transgressions. Psalm 65:3 

In the fast pace of life, many people get overwhelmed with what is going on or what they have to do. They try to do a million things and fall short in many because they cannot get it all done.

Most of this occurs because people are trying to do their own thing, rather than living for God and doing what He wants done. Living for self causes one to sin and promote sin.

As one is living in sin, there will always be a loss, a lack of life and direction. Something will always be missing. So the person will always strive for more and get more overwhelmed with what he has to do. Often they will seek new ways to do sinful acts.

For the believer, seeing this type of living can be overwhelming. He can also get caught up in this type of living and be overwhelmed.

David knew that there were times he and the Israelites were overwhelmed with sin. This was personal sins that they chose to start doing and allowed to capture them. However, God was merciful and full of grace and forgave them.

When a believer takes his eyes off of God and looks only at the world, one of two things will happen. He will be overwhelmed with the sin going on around him, or he will begin to sin and be overwhelmed with the sin in his own life.

Seeing all the sin can be discouraging to the believer and wonder if God still loves him or not. Yet, God does love each and every person. He is right there waiting to forgive and restore the believer being overcome by his sin. He has forgiven in the past and He will forgive again today and in the future.

You may be struggling with some sin in your life. It may be looking like it is larger than you can deal with. You are right. You can’t deal with it on your own. You must seek the forgiveness of God in your life.

Instead of just being overwhelmed and quitting, allow God to forgive you and build you back up correctly.

If you are looking at the sin all around you and are getting overwhelmed and fearful, again look to God for strength. God is there ready to forgive. Be His witness to the world, rather than be overwhelmed and taken down.

I pray today that you will know the forgiveness God offers; that you will seek God’s forgiveness; that God will give you strength to turn from sin; and that God will give you peace when seeing sin all around you.

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