Psalm 69:5 God Already Knows

Hiding lion

You, God, know my folly; my guilt is not hidden from you. Psalm 69:5 

Doing something wrong is not uncommon for people. People do things wrong on a regular basis. They break the laws of the land or community all the time.

Sometimes these are major infractions, while often they are minor ones, but either way it is doing something that should not be done. After breaking one of the laws, however, many people are concerned about getting caught by someone.

People driving down the road will often be speeding over the speed limit some. Sometimes quite a bit, other times just a little. When they suddenly see a cop, nearly everyone will hit the brakes and slow down, hoping they don’t get stopped. This even occurs for many who were not speeding.

David had sinned against God and knew it. He knew that God knew what he had done. His guilt was clear to him and to God.

When a person breaks the law of the land it is possible that no one on this earth knows anything about it. They can often get away free from punishment or judgement.

Since people cannot see God directly, they often think that God does not see them doing something wrong. They think they are in the free and clear, because no person saw them.

However, God is everywhere and sees every sin. Not only the physical open sins that people could see, but the sins of the heart and mind.

In the hearts and minds of people, many will hate or commit a sin of thoughts, rather than physically doing anything. They feel as though God cannot see it, but He does. They may be free before man, but they are guilty before God.

The only way to get free of the guilt is to confess it before God and turn from the sin.

God sees you every action that you do. He also knows your every thought and motive. There will be times you will sin against Him both physically and mentally.

Do not try to hide it from God, He already knows what you did. Go to Jesus and repent of that sin. Release it unto Him to be forgiven. God is waiting and ready to forgive every sin you have done, for whatever reason you had done it.

Allow Him to forgive you, rather than hide it and stay condemned.

I pray today that you will know the love of God; that you will know the mercy of God; that you will know God sees all; that you will repent of all sin against God; and that you will seek to live for God. 


Alligator Jazz (book review)

Alligator Jazz book

Title: Alligator Jazz
Author: Samuel E. Pittman II
Illustrated by: Sheila Bailey
Print: Gretna, Pelican Publishing Company, 2018

This book is a short children’s book about an alligator that plays a saxophone. His saxophone gets stolen by a weasel. After finding the weasel playing the saxophone, the alligator gets it back and forgives the weasel of doing wrong and they begin to work together.

The story illustrates the goodness of forgiving someone when he asks for forgiveness, instead of fighting back and getting revenge. It also describes the challenges of change and doing what you love to do with the best of your abilities. It shows that when you do something great, not everyone will like it and some will be jealous and try to take it from you.

This book is an excellent book for younger children–28 pages. It is a large size, hard back book with full page pictures in color on each page. Sheila Bailey does an excellent job with the illustrations. They are well detailed, but not overly done. With all of the colors and animals in each picture, they will draw the attention of little children.

The story is written on a level that a 9-10 year old could read on his own. Younger ones will just enjoy the large pictures and great story.

Samuel Pittman is a middle school English teacher and track and field coach. He wrote this book with struggles in mind that people sometimes have to go through.

I highly recommend this book for anyone with children, or grand-children, that love to read or hear stories.

Psalm 65:3 Being Overwhelmed By Sin

Clouded valley

When we were overwhelmed by sins, you forgave our transgressions. Psalm 65:3 

In the fast pace of life, many people get overwhelmed with what is going on or what they have to do. They try to do a million things and fall short in many because they cannot get it all done.

Most of this occurs because people are trying to do their own thing, rather than living for God and doing what He wants done. Living for self causes one to sin and promote sin.

As one is living in sin, there will always be a loss, a lack of life and direction. Something will always be missing. So the person will always strive for more and get more overwhelmed with what he has to do. Often they will seek new ways to do sinful acts.

For the believer, seeing this type of living can be overwhelming. He can also get caught up in this type of living and be overwhelmed.

David knew that there were times he and the Israelites were overwhelmed with sin. This was personal sins that they chose to start doing and allowed to capture them. However, God was merciful and full of grace and forgave them.

When a believer takes his eyes off of God and looks only at the world, one of two things will happen. He will be overwhelmed with the sin going on around him, or he will begin to sin and be overwhelmed with the sin in his own life.

Seeing all the sin can be discouraging to the believer and wonder if God still loves him or not. Yet, God does love each and every person. He is right there waiting to forgive and restore the believer being overcome by his sin. He has forgiven in the past and He will forgive again today and in the future.

You may be struggling with some sin in your life. It may be looking like it is larger than you can deal with. You are right. You can’t deal with it on your own. You must seek the forgiveness of God in your life.

Instead of just being overwhelmed and quitting, allow God to forgive you and build you back up correctly.

If you are looking at the sin all around you and are getting overwhelmed and fearful, again look to God for strength. God is there ready to forgive. Be His witness to the world, rather than be overwhelmed and taken down.

I pray today that you will know the forgiveness God offers; that you will seek God’s forgiveness; that God will give you strength to turn from sin; and that God will give you peace when seeing sin all around you.

Psalm 51:2 Asking For Forgiveness

Washing hands

Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin. Psalm 51:2 

Every person will do something wrong at some point or another in their life. When they do something wrong, sometimes they will get caught, while many times it appears that they get away with it and go free.

If no one directly says anything to a person, he feels that what he did was acceptable. There is no higher ruling or judgement because no one caught him.

Other people will do things that are wrong and try to justify it. They give excuses or reasons why they had to do what was wrong. Thus they do not see it as something wrong or sinful.

When it is viewed as nothing done wrong, there is no reason to admit it or request forgiveness.

David cried out to God for mercy and forgiveness. He had sinned and it was revealed. He knew that he had done wrong so He asks God to remove the sin from his life.

The world has its own set of rules and these rules change all the time and even from situation to situation. The authority to make these commands ultimately come from God, the supreme authority over all.

God has laid down rules on how to live on this earth, what a person can and cannot do. When a person chooses to break one of those laws, he has sinned against God.

In His great mercy God is willing to forgive and remove those sins. However, for God to do that, one must seek forgiveness. He has to ask God to forgive him and remove the sins from his life.

Jesus came and died on the cross for this very purpose, to remove sins. In His great love and mercy, Jesus is waiting to forgive and remove those sins. However, one must seek that forgiveness.

Just like David, you will sin at times against God. Everyone sins and no one is exempt from it. Do not allow that sin to remain in your life and bring you to death and separation from God.

Realize what you have done is wrong and go before God. Repent from those sins and turn away from them. Seek God’s great mercy and forgiveness.

Jesus can and will remove all sin from your life. Allow Him to change you and strengthen you to turn away from sin in your future.

I pray today that you will know the forgiveness Jesus offers; that you will seek God’s forgiveness of your sins; that God will strengthen you to turn from all sin; and that you will live your life for God. 

Psalm 32:11 Rejoice And Be Glad

Girl wildflowers

Rejoice in the Lord and be glad, you righteous; sing, all you who are upright in the heart! Psalm 32:11 

Everywhere a  person looks there appears to be trouble. The news is filled with negative events, deaths, murders, crime, suffering, lies, theft, and more. People are walking in fear of their lives, fear of being robbed or killed.

Along with all of the bad news being spread, there are the problems of life. There is sickness, debt, divorce, and more that plague the lives of many people.

Finding something to be happy about appears to be elusive to many people in the world. They look to drugs and comedians to find a place to laugh and be happy. They seek things to remove them from the troubles in this world.

David found a reason to rejoice and be glad with a song in the heart. He had many struggles and troubles throughout his life, yet he would rejoice and sing songs of praise to God. He found forgiveness from God.

Jesus promised every believer that he would have a lot of troubles in this world. There would be pain and suffering, yet, the believer has a reason to rejoice.

Every pain and suffering that a person goes through here on this earth is temporary. It will only last for a short time in light of eternity.

There is one trouble that a person goes through, however, that is not temporary if not dealt with correctly. That trouble is condemnation of sin. It is a death sentence.

The good news is that Jesus has paid for that sin and is willing to forgive and forget that sin. This is of eternal value. Being given the gift of forgiveness is the greatest thing that any believer can ever receive.

Getting forgiveness should cause every person to rejoice and be glad. It should put a song of praise on his lips. It has eternal value, greater than anything on this earth.

Seek out God’s forgiveness for any and every sin you have ever committed. Jesus is right there willing to forgive you, since He paid for those sins.

Now, think about what Jesus has done for you. Let that sink into your heart. Now you have a reason to rejoice and be glad, regardless of what troubles you have in your life. The greatest trouble–eternal death–has been wiped away.

Sing now praises of thanksgiving and worship to the God for what He has done for you.

I pray today that you will know the forgiveness Jesus provides; that you will find joy in worshipping God; that you will be glad in the Lord; and that you will sing songs of praise to God. 

Nehemiah 8:11 Be Still, don’t grieve

Be quiet

The Levites calmed all the people, saying, “Be still, for this is a holy day. Do not grieve.” Nehemiah 8:11 

Looking back and seeing that one has made a major mistake is disheartening. It can cause the person to grieve or regret the mistake he has made. At that point many people stay there and continue to regret it.

People often fall into depression and cannot get past the mistake that they had made. They do not know how to move on from the mistake. Some will turn to drugs, alcohol, violence or something else to help them forget the mistake. To many people there is no longer any hope or restoration.

Ezra had the people gather to hear the book of the Law being read. They were striving to focus their lives back on God. As he read the Law to the people, they realized how much they had sinned against God. They began to weep and grieve over what they had done wrong.

The Levites told them to be still and not grieve, because it was a holy day. God had restored them. They had just finished building the walls of Jerusalem, so God was no longer upset with them. What was past, was past.

It is common for believers to look back on their past and see the sins that they have done. Many end up staying there and grieve. They go into depression because they realize how badly they had let God down.

As this happens, they are forgetting one thing…that Jesus has forgiven them of all past sins. They are a new person in Jesus. They are now a righteous, holy child of God because of what Jesus has done. They no longer need to be in fear or regret, but need to celebrate what Jesus has done.

There will be days when you begin to remember the things you have done wrong. It may be triggered as you read the bible, hear a sermon, or someone says something. If you have already repented of it, then it is gone.

Instead of living in anxiety and fear of what you did in the past, be calm, be at peace and know that Jesus has forgiven you. Rejoice in what He has done in you. Then pass that on to others. Let others know that they can enjoy the same peace and forgiveness of sins.

Don’t live in the past, but in what Jesus has done for you and in you.

I pray today that you will know the forgiveness of Jesus; that you will know the peace Jesus offers; that you will rejoice in what God has done in and for you; and that you will share with others what God can do for them.