Psalm 106:6 Admitting Doing Wrong

We have sinned with our fathers, we have committed iniquity, we have done wickedly. Psalm 106:6

Admitting that one did something wrong is very difficult for most people. Instead of admitting what was done wrong, many people choose to blame others or the circumstances for their decisions and actions. No one likes to be seen as a failure or a bad person. The majority of people see themselves as an overall good person with a few faults, but not many. They will not identify themselves with those who are locked up in prison for horrible crimes.

This psalmist does a confession that he and the people had sinned with their fathers, committing sins and doing wicked things.

When a person compares self with another person, it is easy to think that one is not as bad. All that is seen is the surface things being done right or wrong and that is where the comparison is made. In doing this, sin is often overlooked as not being as bad as it really is.

Every person will have to admit that at some point in one’s life that person has either lied, cheated, was jealous, hating, wishing someone dead, or lustful in their heart or mind or in actual actions. People just count that to being human and not really that bad, as long as it was not a grossly huge crime against another person, nor as bad as what someone else has done.

In doing this, people forget how horrible sin really is. Sin, no matter how little or great it is, is against God and worthy of eternal punishment. Instead of pointing fingers at others for them being ‘more sinful’, one must admit one’s own sin before God and repent of those sins. Everyone has done wickedly and sinned against God, yet God is ready to forgive.

No matter how good you may appear to be, there have been times you have sinned against God just as did others before you. Any one of those sins makes you just as wicked as the person on death row in prison. Do not try to cover up or blame others for the sin you have done. Be willing to admit it to God, confess those sins and repent of those sins. God waiting and ready to forgive you and give you a new life in Christ Jesus.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior; that you will admit your sins to God; that you will not blame others for your sins; that you will repent of all sins against God; and that you will know the forgiveness God has for you.

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Psalm 86:13 God’s Great Mercy

For great is Your mercy toward me, and You have delivered my soul from the depths of Sheol. Psalm 85:13

Judges are not always known to have mercy upon someone. They are more known for throwing the full book of the law against someone who has done something wrong. Occasionally there is a judge who sees someone who is truly repentant and has mercy upon that person. Once in a while a judge will lighten or even remove the sentence of judgement and deliver the person from the harsh judgement of the law, having mercy upon the person.

David recognized God great mercy towards him, and that God had delivered his soul from death.

Anytime someone has done something wrong or made a bad choice, the person desires for those in authority to have mercy in the judgement. No one wants to go through the full extent of punishment by the law, no matter how much it is deserved.

Judgements made by judges on this earth are just temporary judgements. The punishment only lasts for a time and is over.

God has set a standard for every person to live. It is one of holiness and righteousness. However, no person, except Jesus, has ever been able to live up to God’s standard of living. The moment one has sinned against God, that person deserves the harshest punishment for all eternity.

In His great love and mercy, God has provided a way for a person to have eternal life, despite having sinned against Him. His great mercy is found in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus died and rose again so that the person who believes in Him may receive forgiveness and be delivered from the judgement of death and be given eternal life, though not deserved or earned.

From the moment you first sinned as a child, you have a death sentence upon your head. There is a judgement against you to send you to hell for all eternity. The only way to get out of that judgement is by the mercy of God found in Jesus Christ, who died for you and is willing to forgive you of those sins. Be willing to repent of your sins and seek His mercy. Accept what Jesus has done for you and be delivered from the judgement of eternal death and separation from God.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will seek God’s mercy upon your life; that you will repent of your sins against God; that you will know the deliverance Jesus provides from eternal death; and that you will know and accept God’s mercy towards you.

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Psalm 84:12 The Way To Be Blessed

O Lord of hosts, blessed is the man who trusts in You! Psalm 84:12

Most people desire to be blessed, to have favor in some area of their life. As they desire to be blessed, their definition of being blessed is having things with no troubles, pain or suffering. When there is trouble or things do not appear to go one’s desired way, people often feel as if they are not being blessed. This feeling increases when one is jealous of what someone else has or how successful someone else appears to be.

After talking about how great it is to be in God’s presence, the writer of this psalm says that the one who trusts in God is blessed.

The world sees blessings only through favor, no troubles or suffering and having material things. The more of these things a person has, the more one is blessed by the standards of the world’s view. There are some in the church who have bought into the same view as that of the world.

Believers in God should have a very different view on what it means to be blessed by God. No where in the bible did God ever promise that there will be no trouble while one is living on this planet. In fact, Jesus promised the disciples that they would have trouble.

As one believes the words of Jesus, one may wonder how one can still be blessed while having trouble. The blessings of God come in knowing that one is forgiven of all sins. It comes in knowing that this life is not all that there is, but that there is an eternal life in heaven with no more suffering or pain. Blessings are found in the peace that God gives in the midst of struggle and turmoil.

Ultimately blessings are found in trusting God, not the circumstances.

You will have troubles and struggles that appear to be larger than life. You may often wonder if you are blessed by God when going through difficult times. Put your trust in God and believe that He knows what is best for you and only allows what is best for you in every situation. Recognize how blessed you are that God forgives you of your sins and is preparing a home for you in heaven some day. Trust in the God of eternity, not the temporary things of this fallen and depraved world and you will be blessed beyond all measure.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will see how blessed you are in Christ Jesus; that you will trust God in every situation in your life; and that God will bless you in many different ways.

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Psalm 69:5 God Sees Everything

O God, You know my foolishness; and my sins are not hidden from You. Psalm 69:5

People try to do things that are hidden all the time. Leaders often hope that no one knows or finds out about things that they had done wrong in their past. The enemy often uses those wrongs to destroy or tear a person down. Once the wrong is found out, many try to give excuses to explain it away or just plain deny it. No one wants to really admit that they did something wrong and hate when it is discovered.

David recognizes that God knows his foolishness and that none of his sins are hidden from His sight.

Covering up and concealing past wrongs is a common practice among most people. Reputations and careers are often destroyed when a past wrong is found out. To admit that one was wrong is to admit that one has failed and was foolish, something very few are willing to do. Most just regret that they got caught in a past wrong.

Acting in this way is not only done in the world, but also inside the church. People try to hide secret sins from other believers, forgetting that God sees everything and knows what sins they are doing behind closed doors.

Instead of attempting to hide foolish sinfulness, believers need to be willing to admit it before God. He already sees and knows the foolish sinfulness that every person commits against Him.

Admission of the sin allows one to repent and seek God’s mercy and forgiveness. The entire purpose of Jesus coming was to remove those sins. God is ready and willing to forgive the moment a believer chooses to admit the sins, that He already knows about, and seeks His forgiveness.

Just like David, you have had times in which you have been foolish and sinned against God. Some of those times may appear to have been in complete secret in which no one may know about those sins. However, God has seen every action you have done and knows every thought and word you have spoken. He knows the sins you have committed against Him, they are not hidden from Him.

Do not try to keep those sins hidden and in secret. Choose to admit your sins against God, repent of them and seek His mercy and forgiveness. He is waiting to forgive you.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know God knows all of your sins against Him; that you will repent of your sins and seek His forgiveness; and that you will know His love, mercy and forgiveness in your life.

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Psalm 68:19 Daily Benefits From God

Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation! Selah Psalm 68:19

People are always seeking out having special benefits in many different ways. It is common for workplaces to give their workers some benefits in working there, free food, discounted prices of merchandise or services, discounts on local events and much more. These benefits are little perks that that are ways that businesses can say thank you to those working for them. It gives people a slight advantage above those not working there and sometimes will encourage others to begin working in that place.

David writes in this psalm that God, who daily gives out benefits to them and is their salvation, is to be blessed.

The world understands the blessing of benefits and will often seek for them. Without benefits, people will often turn to another place. Getting a benefit is bonus that encourages people to remain loyal and dedicated to something or someone.

Although most people do not always recognize them, God is pouring out benefits daily upon those who follow Him. There is His peace when a person’s world is in chaos and turmoil. Joy while in the midst of pain and suffering. Hope when the world is showing disaster and no hope. Meaning to life in a world searching for purpose. Forgiveness for those who are guilty of wrong. His presence when everyone else has left. Ultimately, salvation with eternal life in heaven with God.

It may be difficult for some people to see these benefits in the midst of the daily struggles, but they are there. All a believer needs to do is be willing to open the spiritual eyes to see what God is doing or has already done, then give God praise for those benefits that the world cannot know nor have.

From the moment you chose to follow Jesus, God is on your side to build you up and provide more than you need. He is willing to load you up daily with the benefits of following Him and turning away from the sin and death of this world.

When the world is trying to turn you away from God, stop and take a moment to realize all the benefits you have in following God. See how blessed you are in Christ Jesus and give God praise for what He has done for you and is doing for you each day.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know the benefits God provides you each day; and that you will give God praise for what He has done for you.

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