2 Samuel 14:14 God Seeks To Restore The Banished

Like water spilled on the ground, which cannot be recovered, so we must die. But that is not what God desires; rather, he devises ways so that a banished person does not remain banished from him. 2 Samuel 14:14

Banishment of a person is known to occur with nations, schools, businesses and other places. Families are even known to banish certain family members or other people from their lives. When a banishment occurs, it is often for life, with no hope for restoration. It is done as a punishment for some wrong that was done.

David had banished Absalom from the kingdom. Through the prophet Joab, a lady told David that God does not banish a person forever but works to restore him in desire to have Absalom restored.

Many people have fallen away from God because of some sin in their lives. Some churches have even banished some of these people. They feel that they are banished forever from God, that there is no more hope for them, and God hates them with an eternal hatred.

Believing that God hates oneself is believing in a lie from this fallen world and the devil. God’s love is perfect and eternal. He does not want to banish anyone from Him for eternity, but wants to forgive, restore and give eternal life. It is because of His intense love for all that He sent Jesus to die upon the cross to be able to forgive and give life.

Unlike the world, God made a way to keep a person from being banished for eternity. All a person must do is be willing to accept that way. In order to receive this restoration by God, all one must do is repent of all sins and believe upon Jesus Christ for salvation.

If you have fallen into sin and allowed yourself to distance yourself from God, He has made a way for you to return. Though the world says you are banished forever, God is waiting for you to return to Him. As long as you have breath in this life, you have a way to return to God.

Be willing to repent of any sins you have done and return to God. Receive the forgiveness that Jesus offers so that you may have the abundant life He has promised to give you.

Will you remain banished in sin, or will you return to God?

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as Lord and Savior; that you will repent of any sins against God; that you will seek God with all your life; that you will know God’s forgiveness; and that you will be restored to a close walk with God.

2 Samuel 12:13 Admit Your Sins

Then David said to Nathan, “I have sinned against the Lord.” Nathan replied, “The Lord has taken away your sin. You are not going to die.” 2 Samuel 12:13

Doing something that is wrong is common among all people all over the world. Admitting that one did something wrong is not as common and is often seen as a sign of weakness and failure. Very few people like to admit that they made a mistake and did something wrong. They try to excuse it away or blame someone else, rather than take personal responsibility for their actions.

David had committed a sin against God by sleeping with Bathsheba and having her husband killed. God had Nathan confront him about it. David admits his sin and is told that God removed the sin.

Although no one has to, everyone will commit some type of sin against God. These sins can be physical or non-physical sins. What one does with that sin, once it is revealed, is what is important.

Just as the world tries to excuse or ignore a wrong done, many believers will try to excuse or ignore their personal sins. Some are quick to point out that they are not as bad as someone else. Others will say that they are human and that is what happens.

Believers who are truly seeking after God’s heart will admit that they sinned against God. They will have a heart of repentance, remorse for their sin and turn away from that sin, rather than making excuses for it or ignoring it.

God is faithful and just and will forgive any sin that is repented of, though there may be temporary consequences for the sin. Jesus died on the cross to take away all those sins and to give the repentant believer eternal life.

As David did, there will be times when you will sin against God. Do not allow yourself to follow the ways of the world and excuse it away or ignore it. Take full responsibility for every sinful choice that you make.

Run to God, humble yourself and admit your sin before Him. Allow God to forgive you of your sins through the blood of Jesus that He shed on the cross for your sins. God is waiting for you to repent because He wants you to live an abundant life for eternity with Him and not be condemned in sin.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will repent of any sins before God; that you will seek God’s love and forgiveness in your life; and that God will strengthen you to turn from all sin.

2 Samuel 2:26 Must You Continue To Fight?

Abner called out to Joab, “Must the sword devour forever? Don’t you realize that this will end in bitterness? How long before you order your men to stop pursuing their fellow Israelites?” 2 Samuel 2:26

Fights among some family members have often gone on for several decades over some issue when they were young. People hold on to a past hurt and continue to strive to harm the other person in any way possible refusing to let go of the hurt. This occurs in and outside of families. Both sides of the issue refusing to stop the fighting.

Joab and his army were pursuing Abner and his army to kill them. Abner asks if the sword must continue to devour and that it will only end in bitterness. Then he asks for the end to the fighting.

In the same way that the world pursues harming others, many in the church fall into the same pit. Some will continue to pursue another to bring them down and conquer at any cost. There is no stopping in the chase.

After some time, some will succeed in getting their revenge and then all they feel is bitterness and resentment. Pain and death are all that is left, rather than healing and life. Not always is it physical death, but death of relationships and community.

Believers need to be willing to call off the fight, to stop pursuing revenge. Just as Christ forgave all sins, believers need to be willing to forgive and let the past wrongs go. They are called to be ministers of reconciliation, rather than ministers of destruction, division and death as the world does.

Satan seeks to devour, kill and destroy all relationships in any way possible. Christ wants to redeem and restore life and end the sword from devouring forever.

Have you been hurt in the past and are seeking to harm the one who harmed you? This can be with another family member or anyone else.

Instead of seeking to use the sword against that person, choose to forgive and reconcile the relationship. All that revenge will do is bring about bitterness and death in the end. There will be no true satisfaction or life experienced.

Allow God to change your heart as you remember and understand what Jesus did for you in forgiving your sins against Him. Stop the pursuit of death and destruction.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will allow God to guide you in restoring broken relationships; that you will seek to forgive others as Jesus forgave you; and that you will follow the ministry of reconciliation that God is calling you to do.

1 Samuel 25:31 Needless Murder Or Vengeance

my lord will not have on his conscience the staggering burden of needless bloodshed or of having avenged himself. And when the Lord your God has brought my lord success, remember your servant. 1 Samuel 25:31

The world is very quick to seek vengeance and even sometimes bloodshed against those who have harmed them. Most will not physically murder a person for having done some wrong to them, but they will find other ways to avenge themselves. Acting in this way is often encouraged and promoted as the best way to deal with wrongs done.

David was on his way to kill Nabal for treating him badly. Abigail goes to him and suggests he stops so that he does not have the burden of needless bloodshed or vengeance upon his head.

It is common for people to react to bad situations quickly in the moment and make choices that will be later regretted. The action occurs out of anger and frustration, rather than out of love and a sound mind and good judgement.

Acting in this way is done out of selfishness and wanting to be in control of the entire situation. In the same way that the world acts, many in the church will seek vengeance against others. Bad words are spoken, people are put down and talked about, people are shunned or ignored, division is brought into the church, and self is put on the throne rather than God.

Instead of taking needless vengeance, believers are to love their enemies as Christ loved the church. Jesus forgave and brought about reconciliation to those who had done wrong to Him and sinned against God.

Putting oneself on the throne of judgement in God’s place, puts an unnecessary burden upon themselves that only God can handle. Forgiveness and reconciliation must take place in the lives of believers.

At some point in your life, you will have someone who will do a serious wrong to you. You will have to make a choice at that time as to how you will handle it.

Stop and seek the Holy Spirit to give you direction and strength to act in the way that will honor and obey God. Remember the forgiveness and mercy Jesus gave you when He died upon the cross for you and be willing to extend that to your enemies.

Give your burden to God and allow Him to get any needed vengeance.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will love as God loves; that you forgive as God forgives; that you will be led by the Holy Spirit in dealing with your enemies; and that God will keep you from having needless bloodshed or vengeance upon your head.

1 Samuel 24:12 Allow God To Get Vengeance

May the Lord judge between you and me. And may the Lord avenge the wrongs you have done to me, but my hand will not touch you. 1 Samuel 24:12

Desiring to get vengeance is one thing that many people think about against those who have harmed them. While most do not seek to physically kill a person, most want to cause some social or emotionally harm to others that have caused pain or suffering. This can be done directly or indirectly.

They want to get vengeance for what was done wrong to them.

David had a chance to kill Saul but did not. He said he asks God to get vengeance for the wrongs Saul had done, but he would not touch Saul at all.

The world is quick to seek a violent vengeance against all who do wrong. Whatever harm was done will be done hundredfold back. It is seen as a perfect right of a person to do so.

Although not as violently, believers will often get caught up in the same mentality in seeking vengeance. Their vengeance is often more subtle, but just as harmful. This can occur inside and outside of the church walls.

Instead of seeking vengeance, believers are to forgive and allow God to bring about His vengeance in His way and in His timing.

No matter how harmful a person can be in his vengeance, the vengeance of God can be greater and reach deeper into the heart and life of a person. Prior to seeking vengeance, God seeks reconciliation and forgiveness. He wants to bring about change and give life, not death.

This can only occur with forgiveness, grace and mercy. In the same way God shows forgiveness, grace and mercy to the believer, the believer must show it to those who cause harm and allow God to seek any needed vengeance.

Very likely you have had someone do something harmful to you at some point in your life. This may be occurring right now. Instead of seeking vengeance offer forgiveness, grace and mercy. Let God seek how to avenge you on the other person.

Do not lift your hand against the other person to destroy him but lift the person up before God. Allow God to deal with that person in His way and in His time. Acting in this way is doing the same thing Jesus did as He went to the cross.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will trust God to avenge any wrongs done to you; that you will know and understand God’s forgiveness, grace and mercy towards your enemies; and that God will strengthen you to do what is right in His eyes.