Psalm 65:3 Being Overwhelmed By Sin

Clouded valley

When we were overwhelmed by sins, you forgave our transgressions. Psalm 65:3 

In the fast pace of life, many people get overwhelmed with what is going on or what they have to do. They try to do a million things and fall short in many because they cannot get it all done.

Most of this occurs because people are trying to do their own thing, rather than living for God and doing what He wants done. Living for self causes one to sin and promote sin.

As one is living in sin, there will always be a loss, a lack of life and direction. Something will always be missing. So the person will always strive for more and get more overwhelmed with what he has to do. Often they will seek new ways to do sinful acts.

For the believer, seeing this type of living can be overwhelming. He can also get caught up in this type of living and be overwhelmed.

David knew that there were times he and the Israelites were overwhelmed with sin. This was personal sins that they chose to start doing and allowed to capture them. However, God was merciful and full of grace and forgave them.

When a believer takes his eyes off of God and looks only at the world, one of two things will happen. He will be overwhelmed with the sin going on around him, or he will begin to sin and be overwhelmed with the sin in his own life.

Seeing all the sin can be discouraging to the believer and wonder if God still loves him or not. Yet, God does love each and every person. He is right there waiting to forgive and restore the believer being overcome by his sin. He has forgiven in the past and He will forgive again today and in the future.

You may be struggling with some sin in your life. It may be looking like it is larger than you can deal with. You are right. You can’t deal with it on your own. You must seek the forgiveness of God in your life.

Instead of just being overwhelmed and quitting, allow God to forgive you and build you back up correctly.

If you are looking at the sin all around you and are getting overwhelmed and fearful, again look to God for strength. God is there ready to forgive. Be His witness to the world, rather than be overwhelmed and taken down.

I pray today that you will know the forgiveness God offers; that you will seek God’s forgiveness; that God will give you strength to turn from sin; and that God will give you peace when seeing sin all around you.

A Week Of Firsts

Turning 50

This last week has held two different firsts in my life. The first was that I turned 50. That did not really seem like that much to me. It is just a natural part of life. I have been bald on top since I was 17, so that did not mean much to me. And I have had some grey hair for several years already, nothing new either.

Getting older has never bothered me in any way. I guess having eight wonderful children has kept me young, even though I am getting older and slowing down. I can no longer run as fast, or as long as I used to be able to.

The other first for me this week did have a major impact on me. My oldest daughter got married and I had to be the one to give her away.

I am not one to cry very easy or at every little thing that comes my way. Although there have been movies that have brought tears to my eyes, and I am not ashamed or afraid to cry, when needed.

Over the last few months, since she got engaged, I have been ready for this wedding to happen. I never cried or was sad about it. I was very excited that she was getting married. It never bothered me that she would be leaving the house now, after 23 years.


However, Saturday, when I began to walk my daughter down the aisle, the emotions started to overwhelm me. It was tears of joy, but tears none-the-less.

One of the things I had to do, as part of the ceremony, was to stand up in front of everyone and pray for her new marriage. She and her husband held hands, the pastor had his hands on them also, and I put my hands on top of hers when I prayed.

I have spoken in front of many people, many times over the years. I have also acted and sang in front of hundreds of people. I have even been the pastor over a wedding and over a funeral. Never once have I been afraid, or unable to speak, till that day.

As I was getting ready to speak, my mind went blank for the first time ever, another first in this past week. What I planned to say completely left me speechless. When I tried to speak, I had to really force the words to come out of my mouth. At that moment, my heart was overwhelmed at what was happening. It was overwhelmed with joy and pride. I also knew the value of the prayer that I was getting ready to pray. It was to be a blessing upon the new marriage.

I knew that the man she was marrying was the one God had for her. If I were to list everything that I would want in a man to marry her, he had it all, and then some. Over the last ten years, I have watched him grow up and become a great man of God. He has a heart to pray for and be a witness to anyone and everyone, anytime and every time. He has a servant’s heart to serve any person in need, no matter the cost to himself. He came from a family that serves God with all of their hearts, souls, minds, and strengths.

My daughter had desired to be married since before she graduated high school. She had continually prayed to God for the one that she was to marry. She constantly asked God where that man was and when would she get him. Although my daughter and her husband had grown up together, for most of that time, they were not together or even considering each other. God, however, was building both of them up to be who each one needed the other to be. They are the perfect helpmates for each other.


As I prayed that prayer of blessing upon them, I knew that God is going to bless their marriage and ministry together. I am looking forward to the ministry that God will do through them, now that they are together in marriage. Both have great ministries of their own, but now together they will work together building God’s kingdom for His glory and honor.

I did pray a blessing over them. God filled me with His overwhelming peace of His Holy Spirit to say the words I prayed. As I prayed, I also had tears of joy welling up in my eyes. Afterwards, my wife was very surprised, because that is not something normal for me.

While I was watching the wedding, and watching it again on video, because it was recorded, I had the same feelings I had when I married my wife 25 years ago. I knew then that my wife was the one God had for me beyond any shadow of doubt. And I still know that to this day with no doubts. As I knew my wife was the one for me, I knew that this man was the one for my daughter. I also know that they will keep God at the center of their lives and their marriage.


For those who are still single and want to get married, keep your eyes focused on God. He will bring the right person to you at the right time. Wait on His perfect timing.

For those of you who are married, also keep your eyes focused on God. Keep your marriage centered on pleasing God and He will do great things in and through your marriage.


Staying in the center of God’s will, will always have many firsts in it, but God will strengthen you to do whatever comes your way or make it through whatever comes your way..