Jeremiah 12:15 Uproot And Rebuild

But after I uproot them, I will again have compassion and will bring each of them back to their own inheritance and their own country. Jeremiah 12:15

God states that He will uproot all the nations that came against Israel. The people had expected this. Those nations were considered wicked nations because they had taught Israel to follow false gods. Most people expected God to completely destroy these nations, however, God states that He will have compassion on them and restore them also, when they choose to follow Him.

The expectation of the wicked being destroyed is a common thought, even to this day. Many Christians go around talking about how the wicked will be destroyed and that there is no hope for them. God does not work that way. He does not want anyone to be destroyed.

God’s compassion runs very deep for every person on this earth. Christians need to remember where they came from. At some point in their life, every believer was a wicked person. They may not be wicked in comparison to some people, but when compared up against God, every person is extremely wicked. God has never sinned in any way or at any time. How many sins has every Christian made, since becoming a believer?

As you look around you in life, you will see people doing very wicked things. From man’s point of view it looks as if it is hopeless for those people. You may desire for God to come down and destroy all the people. Seek God to know and understand His compassion for those people.

Rather than destroy them, seek to restore them to God. God has created every human being on this earth. Since He created them, they came from Him and are His. All have walked away from Him and need to be restored back to Him.

Take time today to work at restoring some person back to God. Do this by showing His love and compassion to them. They do not need to be destroyed, but loved. Instead of condemnation and showing them how they are wrong, show them who God is and how great His love is. Show them what living for God really looks like. Show them the joy and peace that can be found in Jesus. This will go a lot further, then just condemning them.

I pray today that you will know God’s compassion and love for the lost people; that you will have God’s love for the lost people; that you will seek to restore people to God; and that you will not condemn people because of their choices or actions.


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