Psalm 149:6 Praise And A Sword

May the praise of God be in their mouths and a double-double edged sword in their hands Psalm 149:6

Praise is the thing that lifts God up and makes Him the Lord of a person’s life. Honoring God with praise, tells Him and the world that He is the ruler of one’s life.

People do not know what is best for their lives. They look for the easiest way out, instead of the best way through a situation or this life. If there is any pain or trouble, the first thing most people want to have is get away. When God is allowed to be the ruler and king of a person’s life, it allows Him to be in control and to make all things right in the best way possible.

Praising God also gets the focus back on Him, instead of self and all the problems in this life. Praising God will make a person look at what God has done and can do, rather than what is happening.

Once the praise has started, then the double-edged sword can be yielded correctly. In Revelation Jesus is described as having a double-edged sword coming out of His mouth. This sword is God’s Word, which is described as sharper than a double-edged sword.

God’s Word goes out and can cut through the hardest of hearts. It can demolish the arguments of this world.

When you take time to give God praise, you can then take up His sword–the Word of God, and use it correctly. God will be on your side ready to fight for you and destroy all the enemies in your life.

The largest enemies in your life, are not the people who give you trouble, but the sins that weigh you down and crush you. It is the chains and bondages that hold you to sin and death.

As you go through your day be sure to have a praise to God on your lips and in your heart. Let the world know who you are in Jesus and who Jesus is. Then use His Word to defeat the enemies against you, not crushing in vengeance, but used in love to point them to Jesus.

With praise and God’s Word, you cannot be defeated.

I pray today that you will sing praises to God; that you will have God’s Word on your lips and in your heart; that you will know the power of God’s Word in your life; and that God will work in you to make you more like Jesus in this world.


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