Psalm 131:1 Proper Concern

My heart is not proud, LORD, my eyes are not haughty; I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me. Psalm 131:1

People everywhere have opinions on just about everything. This is seen a lot when watching the news or sports. Opinions are given as to how things should have been done differently or how it was done very well.

At times the discussion about these opinions can get into a heated debate. One person holds one view, while the other holds the opposite. Each start calling the other names and cutting each other down. There is no love in the middle. Both are filled with self-pride, thinking that he knows best.

The sad part about these debates is that neither person is really an expert in the knowledge being offered. Neither see the big picture of the situation and therefore cannot offer a great solution or opinion to it.

Alongside of news and sports, the other area that many heated debates come up is in discussion of religion or God. Debating about what the Bible says about a particular situation or how God would react to something is often grounds for arguments.

There are also times when an individual is debating, not with others, but with God. People try to concern themselves with what God is doing and the way He is doing it.

David said that he does not concern himself with things too great for him. There are things that occur in the world that are beyond our abilities to control or beyond our wisdom to fully understand. God allows things to happen for His own reason and does not always reveal that reason to men. Debating why God allows something to happen does not always bring out the love of Jesus in a person. It usually brings separation and discord.

In your own life there will be things that occur that are way beyond your wisdom and full understanding. At those times you need to let it go and trust God. Trust that God knows what He is doing or allowing. You don’t know everything and do not fully see the big picture as God does.

What do you concern yourself with?

Is your concern or should it be God’s concern?

I pray today that God will help you see what you can do and cannot do; that you will know what is your concern and what is God’s; that you will trust God in things too great for you; and that you will not let self pride create division in your life.


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