Ezekiel 44:9 Restricted Entry

Restricted area

This is what the Sovereign Lord says: No foreigner uncircumcised in heart and flesh is to enter my sanctuary, not even the foreigners who live among the Israelites. Ezekiel 44:9 

All over the world there are places that people have set up that have restrictions as to who is allowed to enter. Nearly every business has places within it where the majority of people are blocked from entering the area. The location is only allowed for those who work there or have special permission to enter, everyone is blocked from it.

Often the block is due to protection for the company and for the outsider. Some places require special equipment to enter. Other places have information in that is not to be released to just anyone.

God had just shown Ezekiel a vision of the restored temple. He then tells Ezekiel that no outsider is allowed into the temple.

The temple was the holy dwelling place for God to be among the people. In order for one to enter, he had to be purified and be a true follower of God. No one else was allowed to enter.

Since the time of Ezekiel, God has set up His temple in the hearts of believers. God is still telling people that no outsider is allowed to enter His temple.

Instead of just being physical beings entering, today it is false idols, greed, pride, anger, and sin that are to be not allowed to enter. People allow these things into their hearts and lives. When sin is allowed into the heart, one is pushing God off of His throne in the heart, which is His temple, His dwelling place.

The heart is the dwelling place for God, and nothing else should be allowed in that place. Nothing spiritual, physical or emotional should be allowed into the heart that does not honor God. The heart belongs to God and to God alone.

Take a moment to examine what is allowed into your heart. Think about what things you allow your heart to follow and hold on to. Are these things the things of God? Or are they the things of this world?

When you became a follower of Jesus, He gave you a new heart, because your heart became God’s dwelling place, a holy temple. Keep it pure and holy for God to dwell in. Do not allow sin or this world to move God off of His throne in your heart. Restrict access to your heart to God alone.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will give your entire life to God; that you will allow God to reign in your heart and life; and that you will serve God alone.

Ezekiel 28:17 Pride And Corrupted Wisdom

Clear lake near mountains

Your heart became proud on account of your beauty, and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor. So I threw you to the earth; I made a spectacle of you before Kings. Ezekiel 28:17 

Looking good will often cause pride in the hearts of many people. They will often begin to compare themselves and how they look compared to other people, causing them to look down upon others. This can occur with both physical looks and the looks of his position in society.

Once a person has pride welling up inside of them because of how they look, their wisdom begins to become corrupt. They begin to think that they are all that and more. Their thoughts are that they know what is best and forget the rest.

Ezekiel brings a judgement against Tyre. The nation had been one of great splendor and glory, but had allowed pride to enter them. All the wisdom they had became corrupted and so God chose to knock them down.

The world, not knowing God at all, will often grab onto physical beauty and allow their thinking to be corrupted. They begin to think that they know what is best, when what they are doing is leading to death and destruction. From the outside it appears to be good, but is not.

Believers must also be careful to not allow pride into their lives. Some do a ministry and it grows very well. Suddenly they allow pride in their lives, thinking that they did it all. Once pride sets in, their thinking and allowing God to work begins to become corrupt. It all becomes about self, not God and others.

One must always know that it is God who is in control and must have the control. Things that go great are because God allowed it so. Keeping the fear of God and following His ways will always be the best and uncorrupted wisdom.

God wants to do great things in and through you while you walk on this earth. As things go well for you, do not allow yourself to begin to think that you are the best thing on this earth. Do not allow pride of self and position to corrupt you.

Keep your focus upon God and His ways to guide you in all that you do. This is true wisdom without pride that God is seeking in every person who follows Him.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will know the wisdom of God’s ways; that you lean on God for everything you have and do; that you will put God first in your life; and that you will allow God to remove all pride in you. 

Jeremiah 13:15 Don’t Be Arrogant

Bridge over waterfall

Hear and pay attention, do not be arrogant, for the Lord has spoken. Jeremiah 13:15 

Pride runs high in the hearts and minds of people all over the world. They let it rise in their hearts to the point of being arrogant, thinking that they are the best and that no one else can do what they do or be what they are.

In the process of allowing pride to run too high, many begin to look down upon other people. They reject those who are ‘below’ them.

As this occurs, people do not listen to others. Listening to themselves is all that they will do because they know what is best and how to do it.

Jeremiah tells the people to not be arrogant, but to listen to what God is saying. The people of Israel knew that they were the people of God, God’s chosen nation. In thinking this, they felt that they could do no wrong.

There are many believers who have developed the same type of thinking that the Israelites had done. They feel as though they are the best and can do no wrong. Individuals and groups will claim that their way is the only way, that they completely know and understand God.

Often when thinking like this occurs, people are stepping into sin and trying to justify it. They are ignoring what God says. They will take scripture out of context to get it to say what they want to hear.

Every believer is to listen and pay attention to what God is saying. All of God’s word is to be heard, understood and accepted, not just parts of it.

It does not matter what one’s upbringing is, what nation or group he is a part of, refusing to listen to God will bring about judgement. God speaks the same words to every person–to turn from sin and follow Jesus.

As you are going through your life take note if you are allowing yourself to become arrogant in what you believe or think. Realize that it is not about you, but about God and His word.

Listen to what God is saying and act upon His word. In doing this you are obeying God’s word and thus are loving God from your heart. As you love God from your heart it will keep you from being arrogant and allow you to be humble before God.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will allow God to remove pride in your life; that you will hear the words of God; that you will pay attention to what God is saying; and that you will obey God’s word to you. 

Proverbs 16:5 The Danger Of Pride

Lion sitting

The Lord detests all the proud of heart. Be sure of this: They will not go unpunished. Proverbs 16:5 

Society tells people to be proud of who they are and what they can do or have already accomplished. Children are always told to take pride in themselves. Many different groups stand up in pride of who they are and what they stand for.

Believing in self is the mantra of the world, that one can do anything that he sets his mind to, that he is the best that there is.

According to the world, this is the best way to think. It is motivating and building up. It gives people the strength to do anything that they desire.

God takes a different view of pride. In the verse today, God hates those who are proud and will get punished at some point.

God hates pride because it is all about self. Pride has no love except for self. It was pride that caused the downfall of Satan. It was pride of self that caused Adam and Eve to choose to sin against God.

It is pride that puts one’s self above all others. It believes that self is the best that there is and that self can do whatever one wants. It does not allow itself to be in submission to anyone else.

The reality is that no one can do anything at all without God’s help and provision. God is the one who sustains all life upon this earth. He is the one who gives a person breath to breathe and strength to do things.

Since it is all by God’s powers and abilities, man cannot have any pride in self. It is not about himself, but about God and about others. God is outward focused and wants His people to be outward focused.

Over the time of your life, God may have used you to do some great things. Remember it was God who gave you the ability, not you yourself. It is not about you, but Him.

As you do things, remember to give God the credit for it. Don’t take all the credit and become proud and all about self, but make it about God and others. Build God and others up. That is what true love is.

God loves the humble, but hates the proud. Don’t give Him a reason to be against you, but remove all pride.

I pray today that you will know God’s love for you; that you will know what God has done for you; that you will know that it is all about God and others; and that you will raise God and others up above yourself. 

Psalm 131:1 Over Thinking

Monkey thinking

My heart is not proud, Lord, my eyes are not haughty; I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me. Psalm 131:1 

During football season there is a group of people that rise up that feel they know what is best. They are called the ‘arm chair coaches’. They watch a game and see the plays, but feel that they could have made a better call on the game or used a player better.

This type of thinking is common among people. It can be seen in the workplace, neighborhood, cities, churches, governments and more. People feel as if they know how to do things better than what someone else does. This often occurs in fields that people have no experience in or any training in.

David tells God that he is not proud and will not concern himself with something too much for him. He has a good understanding of his position and his abilities.

One area that many people feel that they know what is best in is with how God runs things. People go through a difficult situation and seek God to help out in it. God leads in one way, but the person feels it should be another direction.

Many people have become very angry with God, and some have rejected Him, because they did not agree with how God dealt with a situation in their lives.

This anger comes because they are concerning themselves with something to great for them to understand. God sees the bigger, eternal picture of life, not just the here and now of one individual. As God works out situations in the life of someone, He is looking at how it impacts the individual and everyone else at the same time.

This is a job too big for any person. It destroys all pride.

Going through life you will come up against situations that are greater than you. You may know some things about the situation, but you will not know everything.

Instead of trying to control it all, let it go and allow God to deal with it in His way and time. Concern yourself with things that you can control–how you live for God. Do not worry about things you cannot control.

Do not allow yourself to be filled with pride, thinking you know what is best. God is greater than you and does know what is best. Do not overthink the situation, but let God be in control.

I pray today that you will know God’s love for you; that you will know that God is in control; that you will trust God’s wisdom; and that you will release your control to God’s control.