Psalm 124:1 If God Is Not On Your Side…

If the LORD had not been on our side–let Israel say–Psalm 124:1

As people go through struggles in life, there are some who begin to feel that God is against them. These are not those who are in the world and do not believe in God, but those who believe in God and attempt to follow Jesus.

The first thing that many believers feel, when something goes wrong in their life, is that they must have done something wrong and God is completely against them. That is a lie that the devil attempts to get people to believe. Remembering all his past sins will weigh a person down and make them feel God is not on his side. This comes from forgetting what Jesus had did on the cross and why He had  did it.

The devil wants the struggles and problems of this world to overcome a believer and destroy him. He wants the believer to begin to question God’s love for him. If that is allowed, the devil will win the battle and swallow up the believer in his lies.

Keeping his eyes on Jesus will keep the believer in right focus. God is right there beside the believer working to hold him up and make him into the person he needs to be. God will not allow the enemy to win the battle, unless the believer gives up on God.

No matter how tough a situation on life can get, it can always be worse. Until you are swallowed up by the world in death, you are still on the winning side. God is right beside you and will never leave you, as long as you do not push Him away.

Look back on your life and view the tough times you have already been through. Chances are you can see how God brought you through it. You can also see how things could have been worse, despite how bad they were.

While you are in the battle it may seem hopeless, but keeping your eyes on Jesus, you may know that in the end you will win. Jesus won the battle against death on the cross. He will help you win the battle against your soul. You will not be swallowed up and destroyed, unless you choose to be. Keep your hope in Jesus.

I pray today that you will see God’s hand in your life; that you will know the hope Jesus provides; that you will not fear the enemy of your soul; and that you will trust God is with you.


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