Psalm 35:3 A Needed Reminder

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Brandish spear and javelin against those who pursue me. Say to me, “I am your salvation.” Psalm 35:3 

Throughout the world there are people who are pursuing other people to destroy them. Some are physically being pursued to cause physical injury, but most often they are being pursued with words in public or in private. Words are often used to damage a person’s life or reputation. False words can destroy a person quickly.

Those that pursue others to destroy them do it for many reasons. It can be out of jealousy, anger, hatred, revenge, to make oneself look better, or to cut another down.

As this is happening, most people have no support. They struggle to find help to stop the attacks. They do not see an escape route from those against them. This becomes especially true with the online social media ability to spread words.

David was being pursued by many seeking to kill him. He cries out to God asking for mercy and for God to attack his enemies. He asks God to remind him that He is his salvation.

While people are being attacked, they often seek help from others. These are often lawyers, costing thousands of dollars in court cases. They seek to retaliate against the attacker, just as the world is attacking them.

Believers understand and know that the salvation of the soul is found in Jesus, but often forget that being saved from attacks can also be found in God. The believers trust must be in God first and foremost, even in God alone.

Trusting in self or the ways of this world will fall short and fail. Trusting in God will never fail. Every believer needs to be reminded by God, once in a while, that He alone is their salvation in every situation met on this earth.

Just as you trust God for the salvation of your soul, trust Him to save you in every attack against you. Trust that God will take care of you, regardless of what the world throws your way or how the world tries to destroy you.

God is greater than any rumor or false lies that the world attacks with. He is greater than the physical attacks of this world. He is an overcomer and will win the war in the end for you.

Each day remind yourself that God is your salvation. There is no other name or help by which you can be saved from anything or anyone.

I pray today that you will know the salvation Jesus provides; that you will know that God is on your side; that you will see God’s hand of protection in your life; and that you will trust God in every situation. 

Psalm 14:5 They Are Scared

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But there they are, overwhelmed with dread, for God is present in the company of the righteous. Psalm 14:5 

Fear is something that most people do not like to talk about it. They want to appear as though they are in control and have nothing to fear. Yet, most people have some fear.

Having fear can cause a person to do some crazy things. Fear of catching a disease or sickness, will cause some people to wipe down everything before they will touch it. It will cause some people to go through bottles of hand wipes trying to keep their hands clean. It will cause some to go way out of their way in order to avoid someone or an area that they fear.

David talked about how the evildoers, the world, work at devouring God’s people. While they were doing this, the evildoers were filled with dread, because God was present with the righteous.

Jesus had promised that the world would hate His followers and that His followers would be persecuted. This is something that is happening all over the entire world. The world is against His people.

Satan and the world is against believers, because God is present with them. God’s presence brings about a conviction that they (the world) are not living correctly. No one wants to be told they are living in the wrong. This challenges their way of living.

Rather than changing, they fight against God and His people. They are afraid of change. They are afraid that God’s people will overcome and turn people towards God. People fear that they will have to change their way of living, so they will fight against believers. They do not see the full love of God and the value of change needed in their lives.

As people go against you-a believer-know that they are doing it out of fear. If they really saw the love of God, they would not fear you or any other believer.

Be willing to show love, so that they have no real proof of hatred or anything to fear. Love can draw them towards God, but until they are drawn, they will fear the change and fight against God. They attack and hate out of fear and dread. They are scared at what God’s church can do.

Overwhelm this world with love so that they can see God. Know that they are acting out of fear, but God is with you. You are on the winning team.

I pray today that you will know God’s love for all people; that God will remove all fear of others; that God will remove all fear in your life of His will for your life; that you will know the power of God in your life; and that you will not fear the world.

Psalm 124:1 If God Is Not On Your Side…

If the LORD had not been on our side–let Israel say–Psalm 124:1

As people go through struggles in life, there are some who begin to feel that God is against them. These are not those who are in the world and do not believe in God, but those who believe in God and attempt to follow Jesus.

The first thing that many believers feel, when something goes wrong in their life, is that they must have done something wrong and God is completely against them. That is a lie that the devil attempts to get people to believe. Remembering all his past sins will weigh a person down and make them feel God is not on his side. This comes from forgetting what Jesus had did on the cross and why He had  did it.

The devil wants the struggles and problems of this world to overcome a believer and destroy him. He wants the believer to begin to question God’s love for him. If that is allowed, the devil will win the battle and swallow up the believer in his lies.

Keeping his eyes on Jesus will keep the believer in right focus. God is right there beside the believer working to hold him up and make him into the person he needs to be. God will not allow the enemy to win the battle, unless the believer gives up on God.

No matter how tough a situation on life can get, it can always be worse. Until you are swallowed up by the world in death, you are still on the winning side. God is right beside you and will never leave you, as long as you do not push Him away.

Look back on your life and view the tough times you have already been through. Chances are you can see how God brought you through it. You can also see how things could have been worse, despite how bad they were.

While you are in the battle it may seem hopeless, but keeping your eyes on Jesus, you may know that in the end you will win. Jesus won the battle against death on the cross. He will help you win the battle against your soul. You will not be swallowed up and destroyed, unless you choose to be. Keep your hope in Jesus.

I pray today that you will see God’s hand in your life; that you will know the hope Jesus provides; that you will not fear the enemy of your soul; and that you will trust God is with you.

Psalm 3:3 God Is Your Shield

But you, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high. Psalm 3:3

David was writing this at the time he was running away for his life from his son Absalom. Everywhere he looked someone was trying to kill him. Everyone seemed to be his enemy, even his family. In spite of this, David knew that God was his shield and would protect him. God would be the one who would lift him up.

As people go through life, there are times when it seems that everyone is against them. A person is cut down by those at work, then goes home and is hated by his own family. Trouble seems to be everywhere he looks.

Most people are not in a place where their physical life is constantly being threatened. However, many have their character threatened and challenged on a regular basis. People tell lies about someone, spread false rumors, ignore, overlook, refuse to listen to, and many other ways of harming another person. Along with all of this some are also under the threat of their physical life. And this is just in the world.

Now add in the believer. Not only is the world against the believer in Jesus, there are many in the church the go against him. Rumors run like crazy in a church, members undercut other people, refuse to allow one to help in ministry, force others into a ministry they do want, and the list goes on.

No matter who you are, there are times your life will be under attack. As with David, it may feel like the entire world is against you and out to destroy you in any way possible. The pressure on your life will be great.

The thing to keep at the front of your mind is that God is with you and will be your shield. There is nothing that anyone can do without God’s permission. Look at the life of Job and how he was attacked, but only under the permission of God.

God will shield your life from anything happening that is not directly in His will. He will lift you up. He will hold you up and sustain you through all the attacks of the enemy.

Trust God today for protection. Give Him praise today for protecting you.

I pray today that you will feel God’s shield around you; that you will trust God’s protection; that you will trust God’s plan for your life; and that you will fear no enemies at all.

2 Kings 18:36 Keeping Silent

But the people remained silent and said nothing in reply, because the king had commanded, “Do not answer him.” 2 Kings 18:36

While Hezekiah was king of Israel, the king of Assyria, Sennacherib had decided to attack Israel. Sennacherib sent his commander of the army to Hezekiah to speak to him and all the people of Israel. He told them that they had the power to destroy them and threatened all the people.

The Israelites could have easily began a retaliation of words, attempting to prove God was stronger, or that God had delivered Israel before and would do it again. They could have strived to argue how the gods of Assyria were false gods, not real. However, Hezekiah had told all the people to remain silent and not respond at all to his threats, and so they did remain silent.

Whenever a person begins to threaten another person, the first thing the victim wants to do is respond. If the threat is in words, people will usually respond very quickly in words. Their defenses go up, refusing to allow the attacker to win the battle.

This is seen all the time when there are threats on a person’s character. Usually the response is one of attacks back upon the attacker’s character.

These types of situations are seen both in the world and inside the church. People attack others, and the victim rises up and takes a stand with words arguing against the attacker.

Hezekiah knew God and His power. He knew that his words would be meaningless and a waste of time. It would not help to argue with the Assyrian commander. He kept quiet and went to God with the situation.

You may be going through some of these attacks now, if not there will come a day when it will happen. During the attack the best thing to do is keep silent and bring it before God. When the people had Jesus on trial to be killed, they made all kinds of accusations against Him. Jesus remained silent and did not say very much. He trusted the situation in God’s hands.

Just because someone else cuts you down, does not mean you need to cut them down also. Allow God to deal with that person. His ways will be much better than yours.

Are you fighting back?

Or are you trusting God to guide you and fight your battles for you?

I pray today that God will guide you in when to keep silent; that God will strengthen you to keep silent; that you will not fight a useless battle with words; and that your words will point people to Jesus rather than cutting them down.