Psalm 119:164 Praising God For His Laws

Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous laws. Psalm 119:164

Every believer knows that he should praise God for many different things. It is most common for people to praise God for the love, forgiveness and salvation that He provides. People will praise God for the good things that occur in their life.

One area of praise that the psalmist includes, that most people do not really think about is praising God for His laws. This is especially true in today’s timeframe where people look to the love and grace of God, rather than to His laws.

In churches the laws of God are often looked at as a thing of the past. The laws are no longer in effect because of the grace of God through Jesus. However, Jesus said that He did no come to abolish the law but to fulfill the law.

It is easy to overlook the laws of God and think of them as not needed, but God still has them in place. The sacrifices are no longer needed to be done by humans, because Jesus became the final sacrifice, but many of the laws still are in effect.

Jesus said that believers are to obey His commands. His commands are the laws of God and they are righteous and the best thing for every believer.

Keeping this all in mind, you are to praise God for His laws. Think about it, God laid down all His laws with you in mind. He wanted the best for you. He wanted you to live the best life possible on this earth. In order for that to happen, you had to know what to do or not do. That is where the laws come in.

As you realize what God has done for you, you will want to praise Him. Praise Him, not just once in a while, but seven times a day. In other words, keep praising God for His laws at the center of your heart all day long.

The list for reasons to praise God is nearly endless. The angels and elders in heaven praise God continually around the clock. Now you have even more reasons to keep praising God. Praise God for His commands that help you live the best life on this earth possible. He had you in mind when He made them.

I pray today that you will find reason to praise God continually; that you will see the value in God’s laws in your life; that you will not regret God’s laws but embrace them; and that you will be more like Jesus everyday.


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