Psalm 119:105 How To See The Path Ahead

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. Psalm 119:105

Walking in the dark is difficult and dangerous. It is common for a person stub his toe when walking through a house at night in the dark. The unseen moved chair or toy in the path can create a lot of sudden unexpected pain.

When walking in the dark in the woods a person can stumble over unseen roots or bushes, or a hole in the ground. If not stumbling a person can also get hit by a low hanging branch, or a spider web crossing the path.

Light is needed to see the path ahead. Turning on a light in the house, or carrying a flashlight helps one to see what is ahead.

Life in this world is often a dark path. You cannot see what is ahead on your own. You cannot know what is the best path to take. As a student graduates high school, he must decide whether to work or continue schooling, then what job or what school must be decided. The choices are many.

The darkness of this world is the sin in this world. The choices of this world are often ones that appear to be the best path, but lead one away from God, down a road of selfishness and ultimately death.

God is always there to give guidance in how to live your life. He has given you His Word, the Bible, to show you what He wants.

The Bible may not tell you the exact answer as to what job to work, or what college to go to, but it does give you guidance in both areas. Studying the Bible can show you how God wants you to live your life and what pleases Him. Then looking at your options, you can see clearly which path will please God.

Knowing the Bible will always show you the path that keeps you from stumbling into sin in this dark world. It sheds light on the sinful ways of this world. It points out the path to take to keep from sin.

Are you allowing God’s Word to show you the path you must take?

Are you allowing God’s Word to be a light for you to see what to do and where to go?

I pray today that you will study the Bible; that you will allow God to speak to you through the Bible; that you will allow the Bible to guide your thoughts, words and actions; and that you will find joy in God’s Word.


2 thoughts on “Psalm 119:105 How To See The Path Ahead

    • You are not alone in having to be reminded about God’s Word. Too often I let my worries get the better of me and don’t take the time to read what He has to say. Thanks for reading and the comment.

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